1. O

    Remington 700 Identification - 7mm RUM HELP!

    G'day fellas, need some thoughts and help. *Be gentle please, first time poster long time lurker* I have recently bought a Remington 700 in 7mm RUM (<40 rnds fired unsure as to the mag installed but pushing 3.8") Need help identifying the rifle and what has been done to it as the shop cant tell...
  2. BWYoda

    Purchase conundrum

    I'm about to buy my first "precision" rifle and have a couple of options. I can either go for a surgeon scalpel, which configured the way I want will be in the region of $4800 or go for an FN A3GSPR for $2,619.00. I'm wondering whether it's worth the money at this point to get the surgeon...