1. aroddc3

    Firearms *tackdriver* used Cooper 57M 17 HMR

    For sale is a lightly used Cooper 17HMR. This thing shoots LIGHTS OUT. Beautiful wood. Less than 250 rounds through it. I also had the action screws replaced with hex screws. They normally come with slotted screwdriver screws, which I will include as well. Hex makes it easier to torque...
  2. Opticsspecialist

    something new i'm starting - customer set up - cooper model 52 with nightforce

    hello everyone, I want to start doing something new, i'm going to post about rigging up a rifle with optics and mounts for a customer 2 or 3 times a week. I've been making videos for customers having issues to help them trouble shoot and walk them through processes and problems, now I want to...
  3. B

    New Cooper 57M .22lr pics

    Shot the wad on this Cooper 57M .22LR. I mounted a Leupold 6.5-20X50, EFR in Talley rings. The target at the bottom is from a 25yd rimfire benchrest match. 25 yards seems close but the X ring is about the size of the head of a shit!! RWS R-50 is the round which seems the best but they...
  4. P

    Cooper Montana Varminter

    Anybody have a Cooper Montana Varminter? For $1400, this looks like a really good deal. Personally I've never held a Cooper in my hands, was hoping to get some real world feedback. Sorry for all the questions, at some point I hope to actually provide input instead of taking output!
  5. B

    Cooper accuarcy??

    Will the Coopers duplicate the sweet 1 hole test targets they come with?? I'm getting closer to my .22lr quest but I will need accuracy to compete. I can't afford a full custom 50BR gun, I love the looks of the Cooper LVT, but can save $$ on a CZ 453 Varmint. Can I mention both in the same...