1. The Rat 71505

    .243 Bullet from Coyotes to Deer

    Having a hard time finding 243 bullets, but would like to narrow my search by asking what bullet would work for coyotes that would not blow em up and the same bullet would work for deer. I have a DPMS lite hunter 20" with a 1-10 twist. I heard the 105 Hornady Amax is the way to go but I can't...
  2. M

    Movie Theater "TRIPLE DOWN" in case you missed it..

    I've always enjoyed team ops footage, hope u guys like this one too. O?Neill Ops: 2013 ?Triple Down?
  3. Hateca

    Hunting & Fishing Nighttime coyotes

    These were two of four that were taken the other night (ten were seen) from some private property that my buddy and I frequent now and again. No calls were used, the technique is to scan the fields and catch them out in the open. 90% of my coyote hunting is at night and done this way. This...
  4. K

    Hunting & Fishing Coyotes killed by team AZ Precision

    About 300 yards I guessed. Didnt have a rangefinder but I used my reticle to range it. 9" Coyote took up 3moa, hit dead center with 300yard pin. Couldn't have done it without my AZ Precision bolt knob!
  5. Benlow

    Hunting & Fishing 2009 Coyotes

    Here is some Coyote's I killed this year.