1. A

    Firearms Defiance Deviant 6cm Barreled Action 1300!!

    Selling a Snyder built Defiance Deviant (20moa rail) in 6mm creedmoor. 24” bartlein m24 with APA little bastard brake. This is a RW Snyder marked Defiance Deviant action. There is 980 rounds on it. 1400 shipped.
  2. zxGrizz

    6.5cm ammo in stock for under $2 a round

    Incase anyone is having the same amount of trouble I am finding 6.5 creedmoor ammo for normal price. I was able to grab 5 boxes of hornady eld match 140gr for $204 after shipping.
  3. SupperTrooper

    Firearms Complete Precision Rifle Rig, will sell in parts (Tikka, Vortex, Spuhr, Atlas)

    Learned most I know to date about Precision Rifles here, Sniper’s Hide is a great resource. Thought I would enjoy the sport and purchased a complete setup (after extensive research) with all the bells and whistles (in my price range). After two years of having it in my safe and only going out...
  4. ShotgunDiesel

    SOLD Sold

    I have 400 100gr ultra high bc PVA solids. Shipped for $250 shipped
  5. Tacmed317

    Firearms Rem 700 6mm Creedmoor-Price Dop

    Up for sale, or possible trade. Remington 700 chambered in 6mm Creedmoor. Hawk Hill Marksman barrel w/ trued action by G&G Rifleworks. KRG Bravo Stock KRG Arca rail Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Break Less than 100 rounds fired on barrel Scope is sold. $1700
  6. G

    SOLD Bighorn Origin SA, proof prefit TL3 6.5 20" creedmoor

    Both are SPF. I was unable to edit my original thread so decided to repost. I am now thinking of separating the following if I can get a buyer for the action and barrel. I started on my 6.5 creedmoor build but unfortunately I had something come up and will have to sell it before I even...
  7. E

    SOLD Hornady 6 Creedmoor 1x fired brass

    For sale is Hornady 6 Creedmoor, Large rifle brass. I have 105 pieces of once fired and 150 virgin. All same lot $35 shipped for once fired. Please, post I’ll take it and send me a PM Payment can be PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS MO. Shipping will be by USPS within one business day w/...
  8. PaganSnake

    Accessories Foundation stock and 6.5 Stuteville Barrel

    Looking to sell my Foundation Genesis stock - impact 737R short action inlet $1200.00 + 1/2 shipping with Hawkins DBM and area 419 arcalock. Looking to trade for something lighter weight, going from PRS to adventure challenge shooting. Also looking to sell a 24” m-24 contour 6.5C 737R...
  9. no#impact

    Firearms Tl3 6.5 Creedmoor barrel

    6.5 Creedmoor Hawk hill 26", 5/8x24, 1:8, for TL3, with about 150 through it. Spun up by Radix Precision in Omaha Nebraska asking $750 barrel Or best offer moved to a carbon fiber barrel and don't have a need for this one. Thanks
  10. Edub33

    Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM

    Hey folks - have a buddy selling a Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM with Talley rings for $1500. It’s been fired 5-6 times but otherwise sits in his safe unused. Don’t need a new rifle, but I like the idea of buying from a friend without a paper trail. Does anyone have any input on this rifle? Not a lot...
  11. J

    Wanted: Loads for 110gr 6.5 Creedmoor

    Wanted: Loads for 110gr 6.5 Creedmoor. Ordered some 110 grain controlled chaos. Using in a 20” barrel Tikka Please share your pet loads for this. I’ve got varget. thanks
  12. Getagrip_customs

    Firearms SOLD NIB Bergara Premier Ridgeback 6.5 CM

    I have a Brand new Bergara premier Ridgback 6.5 CM in stock. 24” 1:8 twist with the grayboe ridgeback stock. Also have an triggertech diamond, Area419 20 moa scope rail and hellfire brake on the way for it to be included. I had this on back order for a while from my distributor and they just...
  13. S

    Reloading Equipment 500 Hornady 6.5 Creed 1x

    500 pcs of Hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass. This was all fired factory ammo. Already wet tumbled. $150 shipped
  14. M

    Calling all 6.5 Creedmoor folks

    I am building a 6.5 creedmoor and need some barrel advice. the use of the gun may be abit of hunting both predators and Mule deer, and ringing steel occasionally out to 1k. I was thinking of either a 18 or 20 inch barrel from either Wilson Combat or McGowan. I will be using a AGB for the...
  15. Bebop

    Firearms (SOLD)Straight Jacket Barreled Curtis Custom Vector Action

    Straight jacket barreled Curtis Custom Vector action (fully Threaded) 18" M24, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 1-8 twist, FDE cerakoted Trigger Tech Diamond with Pro Curve trigger Impact Precision clamp-on muzzle brake Curtis custom action wrench 200 rds down the barrel ($1900 with Free shipping) Thanks for...
  16. I

    Accessories SOLD*Spuhr 4302 * SOLD

    Selling my lightly used Spuhr SP4302 34mm scope mount (3mil/10.3 moa, 1.5” high). Only used in 3 PRS matches. Perfect clearance for 56mm objective scopes. Was used on a 20moa rail with Kahles 624i. Comes with original box, extra screws, and leveling wedge. Minor cosmetic scratch on base that is...
  17. R

    Making 6mm Creedmoor from 243 Win?

    Title says it all, I sold my 243 and picked up a 6 Creed and now have quite a bit of 243 brass and a growing number of 6 Creed brass. Is is possible / worth it to resize from 243 to 6 Creed? If anyone has done it, I'd love to hear what you've done to make it work. I assume I would need to at...
  18. Lucks

    Left Hand Sale SOLD

    RIFLE SOLD!!! Thank you Chris! I’m selling a lefty 6.5 creedmoor I had built to be a short, handy, suppressed hunting rifle but this rifle could work as a match rifle too. It was built by Aaron Roberts with Roberts Precision Rifles. No expense was spared and all the work is world class...
  19. E

    Firearms SOLD - GAP Tempest; Manners PRS1; Nightforce ATACR; 6.5 Creedmoor

    Custom GA Precision Tempest rifle Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Location: Price Shipped: SOLD Rifle ONLY SOLD Rifle with Nightforce setup (as pictured) No Trades Made with all the best components the industry has to offer! Rifles has approximately 250 rounds through it. It is in excellent...
  20. tcarroll217

    F/s6.5cm Small Shank prefit

    I have a criterion 1/8 twist 24” heavy varmint small shank 6.5 creedmoor barrel for sale. It has 250 round through it. Muzzle is not threaded. $250 tyd