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  1. Jumbofinks

    Cross hair out out of focus

    Hi guys, Sorry im new to the game and i've been reading a pile of things trying to get to the bottom of my problem with new albeit used gun, maybe you can help? The scope that came with it is a Nikko scope (4x32) fixed - as in picture. The problem i have is that the cross hairs are fuzzy and...
  2. W

    Rifle Scopes Reticle/Turret Alignment + Base leveling

    I had a question about adjusting the zero/level/alignment of the scope reticle to the action. I have tried searching but it has been vague in answers. I have a Burris MTAC 4.5-14x-42mm scope. I am going with a solution I am able to do at home inexpensively. (I may change my mind and go to a...
  3. K


    I was shooting a 4.5x14 power scope yesterday, at short range on my .22lr say 25-30 yards. On 4.5 power I focused in on the object and the crosshairs where real blurry. Was this due to to much power at short range (don't think so cause I shot the same rifle with a 6x24 power scope and was just...
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes Acog chevron or crosshairs

    I'm torn between the two? I've been looking between the TA31F and the one with the DOC. I was thinking of getting the TA31 w/ the chevron and adding a doc? I know some people don't like were the doc sits, but I'm not for the 45degree mount idea either? I do like the fact that LaRue makes a mount...