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    SOLD sold

  2. that_dude_ryanmichael

    Accessories **Price Drop** WTS Daniel Defense 12 inch AR Lite ra

    12 inch AR-Lite rail by Daniel Defense New. Installed used to shoot 20 rounds, and has sat in a safe. Has all hardware,and barrel nut. $250 TYD $225 . Boxed and ready to ship out PayPal FF No trades please
  3. G

    16” vs 18” suppressed .308

    Hi there! I have recently been looking at grabbing a 16” Daniel Defense or Larue in .308. I have been running an 18” gas 308, but wanted to shave some pounds and a couple inches off the barrel for Stalk hunting. something I was curious about however was how much worse does the recoil get in...
  4. S

    Advice on best AR-10s to get

    I’m looking to get a semi-auto AR-10 rifle (maybe 2) for the collection. Was thinking a 308 first and maybe a 6.5 Creedmoor as a second. Currently, I don’t have anything this size, and the biggest stuff I have is a KAC SR-15 16” (with another 11.5” upper that I switch out occasionally), my...
  5. A

    Gunsmithing Looking for Gunsmith Recommendations near Raleigh or Ft. Bragg, NC

    I have an order for a Daniel Defense M4a1, which will be in within the month. I am planning on swapping the barrel for a 14.5” Noveske 300 blackout barrel. I need a gunsmith who can both replace the barrel in a quality manner and who can permanently attach a flash hider mount for me, in order to...
  6. B

    Suggestions on Factory AR-10 in 6.5cm

    I’d like to get a semi-auto in 6.5cm, either 18 or 20” barrel. I’d much prefer to buy a factory gun, and $2300 is my ceiling on the stock firearm, and I’d like the stock gun to be closer to $1900-$2000. I want a gun that is reliable and good to go from the start. I don’t want something with a...
  7. Classic Firearms

    Rare Knights Armament Pre Ban Vero Beach SR25

    Picked up this bad boy today and couldn’t be more excited. Tell me what y’all think it came with a build sheet and catalog from knights armament. I called and spoke with a guy at knights he couldn’t believe I had one in such good condition .. just missing the original box
  8. B

    Accessories Traded- WTS: Daniel Defense RIS II MK18 rail Traded

    Traded today. I have for sale a new never used DDMK18 rail. This model can be used with the “A” frame front sight. Had it for awhile and never built an SBR. I have a used M4 barrel that has been fired 400/500 rds.
  9. M

    What are your thoughts on the new DD mk12

    What do you guys think about the daniel defense mk12? If you own one or shot one did you like it?
  10. M

    4150 CHF vs. SS CHF salt bath nitride

    Hello, I am wondering what would last longer a CHF 4150 chrome lined barrel or a SS CHF salt bath nitride barrel. Both using brass cased ammo. So I want to buy the new daniel defense mk12 SPR but I just want to know if the SS CHF salt bath nitride barrel will have the same barrel life as a...