1. syoakem711

    Firearms Lone peak fuzion w/mpa matrix and 6mm barrels

    I'm selling my prs comp rifle. The barrels and action are sold. Matrix chassis is still available. •mpa matrix with full internal and external weight kit I also will have a kahles 525i skmr3 w/left Windage for sale. Scope comes with a few extras and is in good shape. Scope is $2200 by itself...
  2. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD 360 Precision MPA Tikka 6mm Dasher - for sale (new)

    360 Precision custom shop produced this MPA Tikka 6mm Dasher: Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Competition Chassis for Tikka T3X Right-Handed Non-Folding Color: Stingray ($1,070) Tikka T3X Action ($750) Timney Triggers Tikka T3 Trigger ($225) MullerWorks 6mm Barrel Blank, 7.75 Twist #4 MTU Contour 27”...
  3. C

    22GT loads

    So I was shooting a 6gt with 95gr PVA solids and 109gr Berger’s. I absolutely loved it but had a itch to do a 22GT. Looking for suggestions on powders and load data because there is very little out there I see h4350 and RL16. When running the 6GT I was using imr4166 with great success. Wondering...
  4. S

    6 Dasher Brass, Alpha OCD Vs Peterson

    Hey Everyone, looking for your input regarding quality, durability, consistency etc. of Dasher Alpha ocd brass Vs Peterson Thank you
  5. Shawd43

    Reloading Equipment FS - New Alpha Dasher brass 500 pieces

    Alpha 6mm dasher brass, bought more than I need or can use... it’s all virgin never fired or touched. 5 boxes of 100 $500 shipped PayPal f&f
  6. B

    6 MM Dasher Loads

    My new 6 Dasher came home this week, did it on the cheap by rebarreling a Remington PSS .308. Specs are: Bartlien 6mm 24" barrel Holland recoil lug Trued action Threaded 5/8 X 24 Bushed boltface and grind firing pin to .060 Have shot a few groups using fire forming loads of 30.5 gr. RL-15...
  7. S

    6mm dasher die needed

    I have a new custom 6mm dasher and i bought a set of Forster reloading dies for the rifle. My FL die is still a tad bit tight after Fl sizing the brass. the bolt closes but it seems a little stiff. I have herd folks talk about sending fired cases of to have a die made. Who would do this service...