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    SOLD ddm4a1 upper

    I have an unfired ddm4a1 upper. It came with the ris ii and I had adco switch it out for the geissele nsn marked urgi rail then had a dead air keymo flash hider pinned for 16 oal. It is unfired and only about 3 month old. DDM4A1 Upper with Daniel Defense BCG No charging handle. This is a factory...
  2. DD m4a1

    DD m4a1

    DD m4a1
  3. Sterling Shooter

    Daniel Defense DD-M4

    My first experience with Daniel Defense was back about 4 years ago with their M4 Quad Rail as used on the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle. I'm still impressed with the rugged, ergonomic design. Today, I'm becoming very impressed with their new rifle, the DD-M4. Folks that I've trained lately...