Daniel Defense DD-M4

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Jun 10, 2004
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My first experience with Daniel Defense was back about 4 years ago with their M4 Quad Rail as used on the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle. I'm still impressed with the rugged, ergonomic design. Today, I'm becoming very impressed with their new rifle, the DD-M4. Folks that I've trained lately appear to be be getting very good initial results with it (read accuracy and reliablity) with a variety of .223 and 5.56 ammunition. I called DD the other day to ask them about the barrel on their rifle, thinking the extraordinary performance might have a lot to do with the barrel. I was informed that the barrel is cut rifled 1/7 twist, chrome lined, and chambered for 5.56.

I was surprised that the barrels are cut rifled as that is rarely seen on production rifles, being so expensive. Interestingly, I was told that future rifles will have hammer forged barrels.

At any rate, is there any here with some experience with the DD-M4, I'm thinking about commiting to a stocking order with them at the store where I work part-time, perhaps, seeing if I can still get some with the cut rifled barrel.


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Apr 15, 2008
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Re: Daniel Defense DD-M4

Mines topped off with a TA-31f and Arms 40-l BUIS. I think it runs great. I didnt really start seeing ANY kind of accuracy with it until the barrel was fouled around 50 rounds. Id say its on par with LMT. But then again... im not one of those guys thats known to go throwing my 2k+ ar in the mud just to see if it works afterwards.

I think its about the best bang for the buck AR right now as far as features. You could probably build one for a little less.....but not by much...assuming you could find the parts in stock.