1. long range fire

    Gunsmithing No "Trigger Creep" in cocked but creep in decocked

    I have a "new to me" Remington 700P, it comes with older trigger, not the X-Mark Pro type. The trigger feels great, but I read about various posts about trigger creep. I initially thought the trigger has a bit of creep, because the trigger would move somewhat when in decocked position...
  2. mavrick10_2000

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 Bolt Torque on decocked bolt lift

    I've been working on my shooting technique, but I'm having what seems to be excessive torque on the bolt lift once I've fired a round. I tried to keep my cheekweld and lift the bolt and I felt a slight pop in my shoulder- burned for about 3 hours. What is causing this added torque during a...