1. S

    Accessories Defiance Barrels - Pre Fit and Used

    Selling barrels. Switching actions and no longer have a need for these. For Defiance Ruckus, may fit other Defiance actions but I don't know that for sure. PROOF: These are all brand NEW Pre-Fit barrels. 6.5 PRC carbon fiber 24" 1:7.5 "Sendero" - $600 shipped 6 CM stainless steel 26"...
  2. Jdowney37

    Accessories Proof Defiance Carbon Prefit 300WM

    Selling my lightly used carbon fiber proof defiance prefit barrel in 300WM. 24” 10 twist. I bought this back in January for a defiance 300WM build I was doing; I have since put 85 rounds, handloads only, through the barrel, following Proof’s specific break in procedure. The barrel is just now...
  3. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Manners Defiance Hunter .308 - for sale (new)

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Manners Defiance Hunter .308: Manners MCS-EH1A, Defiance Deviant Action Inlet, Hawkins BDL Trigger Inlet, Elite Tac Arctic ($850) Defiance Hunter Medium Action ($1,330) Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel, 16.5" .308 8 Twist, 5 Groove, Sendero ($729)...
  4. DI Precision

    Firearms Defiance Anti-X Mag BF L/A “sold”

    New Defience Anti-X Nitride MagBF L/A“Sold”
  5. S

    Accessories WTT AG Composites Alpine Hunter LA stock

    I’d like to trade this stock for a manners EH1 or LRH. I can throw in cash on top as well where needed. Specs: - I did not order the stock so I don’t know the exact inlet but my Defiance Anti X LA is bedded in it by LPR - barrel cutout fits the 18” carbon6 magnum contour great - Hawkins m5...
  6. KhaymKhaym

    SOLD WTS Kelbly Panda Action - 6x47 Kreiger - McMillian Stock - Smooth as Glass. Price Drop

    Hey Guys, The title says it all really. The rifle was built by Kelblys and is glued and screwed into stock. Shoots lights out. Scope: NightForce 12-42x Brand New Kelbly Rings Kreiger 6x47 1-8T Barrel - 180 round count Kelbly Panda Polished and Pink Lettering Added to Match Stock McMillan Stock...
  7. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Wts Defiance Ruckus ga hunter medium action 308

    Looking to sell my defiance ruckus, ga hunter, medium action, 308bolt. It has 500 rounds through it, it is nitrided, runs super smooth and runs reliably. Looking to get $1050 shipped to your ffl. Payments made through paypal f&f
  8. S

    SOLD 16.5” Custom 6.5 SAUM

    Just bought an 18” 300 Norma off another Hide member a couple days ago and looking to consolidate cartridges and recoup some funds. What IS included: - Manners EH1 in swamp camo - Defiance Tenacity black nitrided - 16.5” Proof carbon senders 7.5 twist - Hawkins Hunter bottom metal - Hawkins...
  9. C

    Firearms FS/FT LMT LM8 MWS 308 with Burris XTR III 3.3-18x50

    Selling my Lewis Machine & Tool LM8 MWS chambered in 308/7.62x51. This model is fully ambidextrous with the exception of ambi bolt release seen on the MARS-H model. Offering the optic as as option, details below. Quite a few upgrades have been added to this rifle, making it a sweet shooter. Is...
  10. Georgedubya

    SOLD Alamo Precision 6.5 Creed

    Looking to re-home this 6.5 Creedmoor built by Alamo Precision Rifles. She’s a fantastic shooter, but I just have too many other nice rifles and don’t give her enough love. Particulars of the build are set forth in the attached post, and include: -Defiance Deviant Tactical -26” Bartlein 1:7.5...
  11. Fish907

    Firearms 6.5 saum- gap 4s for sale

    195 pcs ADG 6.5 saum brass Redding Type s die set Proof 8 twist sendero contour 24” black Cerecote American precision arms little bastard break black nitride Defiance deviant Hunter action Black nitride 2 mags Bix n Andy tacsport pro single stage trigger Manners Eh1 stock mini chassis Scope not...
  12. Ak7

    Firearms Defiance Deviant 6cm Barreled Action 1300!!

    Selling a Snyder built Defiance Deviant (20moa rail) in 6mm creedmoor. 24” bartlein m24 with APA little bastard brake. This is a RW Snyder marked Defiance Deviant action. There is 980 rounds on it. 1400 shipped.
  13. D

    SOLD WTS Defiance, Proof Carbon 300 PRC, KRG Bravo, Vortex Razor II, etc

    Barreled Action, Chassis, Mag, and Rail all SPF. Vortex still available. Defiance tenacity notched to accept full CIP length rounds (done with carbide endmill at 22.5 degrees for .095”) $SPF Proof carbon sendero chambered in 300 PRC with 150 rounds on it. I have the log and can provide a bore...
  14. Curahee19

    Firearms Defiance deviant 6.5 SAUM

    Hate to see this one go but I just don’t shoot it This is a custom built by Marc from Spartan precision Defiance deviant short action magnum bolt face 26 inch bartlein chambered in 6.5 saum 1:8 twist Area 419 magnum muzzle brake Timney Calvin elite 2 stage flat shoe Manners elite t4a midnight...

    SOLD WTS SAC custom 300prc w/ proof

    I’ll attach my build breakout as follows and have the paperwork from Short Action Customs to go with the sale. The once fired brass comes with the sale if the buyer would like to have it. Build as follows: — Deviant Ruckus GA Hunter $1280 — Proof Sendero .30 cal 1:9 24” $740 — Hawkins...
  16. LucasRaymond

    WTB Defiance XM Magazine

    Looking for another XM mag for my rifle. Thanks
  17. S

    300 Norma build questions

    If this isn’t the correct spot to post this I apologize. I have a couple questions regarding a 300 Norma build I’d really like to get kicked off. Does anybody here have any experience with this caliber? My components in mind are: - Defiance Tenacity (their 37 week lead time is a huge drawback)...
  18. D

    Firearms WTB Defiance Ruckus or Tenacity action, BA, or rifle

    Looking for a defiance ruckus or tenacity with integral recoil lug. Will buy whatever is bolted on to the action too if that’s the way it comes.
  19. D

    Firearms WTS 24" Bartlein Carbon Fiber 300 PRC Defiance Prefit

    I am wanting to sell my Bartlein Carbon Prefit for defiance tenacity/ruckus actions. 1:9 Twist 24" Bartlein #4 Contour (.75 at muzzle) 5/8 CBTO with Hornady 230 A-Tips is ~2.900" depending on your comparator. Has 165 rounds through it exactly. Broken in with patience. I had a great load...
  20. J

    SOLD LRI 7SAUM - Defiance, Proof, Manners

    ***SOLD*** I am selling a top shelf build from LRI. Rifle has exactly 200 rds through it and has never been hunted with. It's in nearly perfect condition, and is the high quality you would expect from Long Rifles Inc. Reason I'm selling is because I have a 300WSM that is nearly identical to...