1. deersniper

    Online training DVD?

    Is there any way to get the online training in DVD form? I have slow internet, and a DVD would work alot better for me. Thanks. -dan
  2. clydeglock

    Movie Theater DVD release date for Gomorrah???

    Anybody heard anything? I missed it at the movies (limited release) and have heard it is pretty good, maybe best mob movie since GF series.
  3. P

    Advanced Marksmanship DVD's Recommendations?

    Can anybody recommend any DVD's that demonstrate the basics of rifle shooting, particularly the Marksmanship principles but including field postions ect?? I was taught to shoot "properly" a long time ago and its dawned on me that over the years I have picked a lot of bad habits and forgotten...
  4. rweldon

    Movie Theater Gran Torino dvd release date

    Anybody know when the release date of Gran Torino on dvd is?