1. Lucks

    Rifle Scopes IOR SH edition question

    I recently bought an IOR snipers hide edition 3x18x42 scope. I read on a thread where guys where talking about having a generation 1 or generation 2, or generation 3 SH scope. How would I know what generation (version) mine is. I haven't mounted the scope on my gun yet either. If anyone has...
  2. wordisbawn2008

    Photos gap armalite ar-10 Snipers Hide edition

    I bought this thing from JasonK a couple months ago, threw on a magpul prs, harris bi pod, and falcon 4-14 ffp scope...finally some time in yesterday and she is surgical!
  3. JL

    Range Report QuickTarget Unlim. Lapua Edition ballistics FREE

    Lapua just published 100% free way to calculate top-accurate ballistics for their bullets. Quick Target Unlimited uses Doppler radar -based Cd values instead of BC -value. Program field test report in SH: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=951143&page=1 Its...
  4. lowlight

    Suppressors Sniper's Hide Edition Volkmann 1911s

    Had a day to visit with Luke Volkmann at Volkmann Custom and he had two matching Sniper's Hide Edition, 1911s, on a SHP and one an SHC... so I took a few pictures These are some bad ass moto-scooters let me tell you, the Hide member with these babies are really gonna enjoy the shit...
  5. ARP

    Photos Lawton built 375 CheyTac Desert Edition

    I got to paint another 375 CheyTac today. This one done in a "military inspired" desert theme camo. These rifles are awesome to see in person for sure. This one belongs to hide member KYShooter338. Pics are a bit less than top quality, but hopefully you can see it well enough to enjoy...
  6. J

    Sniper's Hide "Gladius" Limited Edition M2009

    What are the chances of a Gladius build for 2009/2010 ?
  7. macthknife

    Suppressors S&W 1911PD Gunsite edition: Pleasantly suprised

    I have never been a fan of S&W auto's and wasn't even considering one. I was researching a buld on a Caspian Frame, so I went to a local small shop to look at some Officers sized and some Commander sized weapons to help me decide what to order. They had the S&W in the case, and it was very light...
  8. C

    Rifle Scopes 3-18x42 FFP Sniper's Hide Edition IOR

    Can anyone that owns and shoots with this scope tell me a few things about it?Eye relief I hear is a problem-how does the glass compare with other top dog scopes such as USO-S&B and the likes-just wanted to know before I buy a US Optics.thanks, cliff5080