1. Kimber.204

    Firearms Selling: Eliseo RTS/Defiance Mutant 6mm BR

    Selling an Eliseo RTS Tube Gun. Spec's: - Eliseo RTS chassis - camo. Camo forend is the "tactical model" Also included is a second cheek piece and a second forend with slot for hand stop (these two parts are in silver). - Defiance Mutant Tube Gun action. The previous owner had the action...
  2. C

    WTB: Eliseo chasis

    Looking for a right hand short action chases. Not too picky on the particular model as long as my action will fit (Defiance Mutant MA).
  3. snommittj

    Gunsmithing Anyone built a rifle on a Eliseo RT-10?

    Anybody have any experience with the Eliseo RT-10? I'm thinking of building my next rifle on one. What caliber did you use and how do the mags feed? Can you seat the bullets out far enough and still load from the mag? I'm putting the new Surgeon round long action in one with a 30" tube...
  4. ocabj

    Eliseo R5 / Remington 700 in 6mmBR @ 600 yards

    I don't post here much, but I wanted to share the results of the zeroing of my Eliseo R5 match rifle (NRA HP "Across the Course"). I've had my Eliseo R5 Remington 700 in 6mmBR built since February, but haven't had the chance to shoot it beyond 200 yards until yesterday. Was able to bring it to...