1. M

    SOLD WTS Desert Tech HTI .416 Barrett and 50 BMG

    Deserttech HTI, custom .416 Barrett barrel , 42” 1:8 twist with 20 rounds through the tube with APA brake, unfired factory 50BMG conversion set, factory 416 Barrett conversion barrel with 300 rounds down the tube. Adjustable bag rider included, Deserttech torque driver to switch barrels, mkm...
  2. Wyomingfroggy

    Firearms 375 cheytac M300

    I’m looking to re-home my custom 375 cheytac m300. I have 630 rounds of factory ammo direct from Cheytac (350gr) included, as well as a set of dies, 150 projectiles & hard case. Optic not included…. 12.5k takes it all….
  3. Wyomingfroggy

    375 cheytac

    Listing my m300 in the px
  4. AIAW

    SOLD ERATAC T2064-0025 Adjustable Inclination Scope Mount - 34mm - 0-70 MOA/1.6" Height

    Like new. Comes with the box and accessory bubble level and ACI (as pictured). May have some residual Loctite on some screws, that’s it. $489 retail, plus $200 for level/ACI. Will sell for $390 shipped. PayPal Friends and Family, Venmo or Zelle accepted.
  5. TxDerek

    Firearms WTT: M300 375 Cheytac

    Want to trade our m300 Praetorian 375 Cheytac with only 1 round through the rifle as a function check for higher end scopes. NF atacr, Kahles 525/624, zco, TT, March, etc. Some of the scopes in the 3-4k range might have to add a little cash to make it an even trade, but we can work that out...
  6. Nicholas Baio

    New to Precision 22. Need help!

    Hey everyone, new to the precision 22 scene. As I get older, my hunger for competition is still looming over my life. I am really passionate about firearms and actually just purchased my first 22 at the age of 25! Crazy, right? Very familiar with building ARs and pistols, however, this new...
  7. AKMarty

    What are you shooting

    What cartridge are you shooting at 1 mile +\-? Pondering a build to make consistent hits at a mile. 6.5CM just doesn’t seem quite enough. Two categories (randomly divided): Less than 45 gr powder… More than 45 gr powder.
  8. carnageasada

    SOLD WTS: Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F1 TReMoR3 reticle (C571) + Accuracy 1st Scope Level

    Like new condition functionally and aesthetically (if any mounting marks, barely visible) as pictured, $SOLD shipped, no trades. Bubble level has Tritium vial installed with some juice left, RH & 34mm tube only, additional adapter not included.
  9. Glassaholic

    Go Big or Go Home Survey

    Now that SHOT is wrapping up and we've seen some higher magnification FFP optics come out, I am curious if there is interest in an even higher magnification, why stop at 36x or 40x? Or do you feel we've reached "the top", either due to mirage issues at long range limiting higher magnification...
  10. Desert Demon

    375 CT vs 375 EnABELR

    Hi, I’ve seen a few threads that briefly discuss the EnABELRs, but can’t find much about people actually experiences loading and shooting the cartridge. (Of course the Applied Ballistics team does great with it). I am looking to get into ELR the next year or two and want to start building my...
  11. R

    Chamberings for a switch barrel rifle

    Looking at putting together a switch barrel system and after some reading WTO seems like a good shop and an easy system. It ain’t no MRAD or AXMC but it won’t cost as much either. Thinking a defiance action with an AX 338 chassis. Now I come to the decision on chamberings. I know I want 308...
  12. ruditron

    SOLD Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30x50mm H59 *Like New*

    Like New: Taken out of box and mocked up in a Geissele mount before removing and re-packaging. No visible blems that I can see, glass is mint. Comes with original box, paperwork, packing materials, Quick throw lever, bikini caps, multi-tool, cover, lens cloth and sunshade. *After moving some...
  13. W

    Best Canadian Gunsmiths?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to build my first custom PRS rifle and open to advice. the first and biggest thing on my list is finding a gunsmith to put it all together. I have no experience with any gunsmiths in Canada and looking for some advice. Does anyone have any experience with any gunsmiths...
  14. B

    Terrapin X or Leica 3200.com to use with Kestrel 5700X ?

    I want to get a nice (really nice) rangefinder and ballistics setup because I am interested in ELR. There are lots of interesting devices out there. I will get a Kestrel 5700X with AB and the link option but get really confused when I read about rangefinders. I don't have a budget per se to...
  15. aroddc3

    300 PRC Rifle

    Hi Everyone, I am looking into building a 300 PRC that can be light enough to take on a hunt (not a lot of hiking, just setup somewhere and glass) but that I can make heavy enough to shoot at the range. I am pretty set on getting an XLR chassis. I'm aware I can swap out the stock and barrel...
  16. lowlight

    ELR Thoughts from this Past Weekend

    This past weekend I had a friend from Alaska come to Colorado to shoot ELR At my Range. We have targets every 100 yards to 1775, and this weekend we added a second target to 1815 yards, why not. James came down with only 110 rounds of ammunition, 60 for his 300NM, and 50 for a 37XC, the...
  17. TxDerek

    Firearms FULLY Built comp 300wm w/ reload gear!

    Full custom 300wm competition elr setup. $3500 for everything Alamo Precision Rifles G2 action 20moa rail Mueller Heavy Varmint 28" 1:8" Area 419 sidewinder brake Hawkins dbm bottom metal AccurateMag McMillian a5 Adjustable stock - custom paint Bedded action to stock Black cerakote barrel to...
  18. P

    Accessories Berger .338 Lapua 300GR OTM

    Selling 10 factory sealed new boxes of Berger 300gr otm hybrids for .338 lapua magnums. Selling all 10 for 1000$ buyer pays shipping I accept pay pal or zelle. .
  19. Cadex Defence

    Photos What’s more impressive than one 50 BMG rifle?

    What’s more impressive than one 50 BMG rifle? LOOOOOOOTS of them!!! ??? ~ Cadex CDX-50 Tremor ~
  20. BoltActionBrotherhood

    Fighting your shooting bags. ELR

    Hey Fellas, I was hoping to hear some opinions, thoughts and solutions for a problem I face and I’m sure many others do as well. When shooting prone I always find myself fighting my rear bags. I tend to need to use a larger bag like the big green Caldwell type bags to get enough height in the...