1. vprtoad

    Rifle Scopes Range Estimation with npr1vs r2

    Has anyone had better luck especially on smaller targets using the reticle for range estimation with the r2 vs the r1 or will the r1 work better in a moa-moa set up the R2 seem's a lot less busy (to me anyway)
  2. M

    Range estimation error .338 Lapua vs. .375 Chey

    I know that the flatter a cartridge shoots the more room for range estimation error you have without it killing you. (think .223 vs .44 mag at 200 yards) I know that you still try to range as precisely as you can. But, how much additional "fudge factor" do you get with a .375 over a .338 at...
  3. T

    Fieldcraft range estimation?

    can someone explain the range estimation formula. the mill part confuses me the most? thanks