1. Wheres-Waldo

    Maggie’s Hmmm, it does exist.

    Was coming back from Charlie range to the parking lot at Stone Bay today and found this... (Didn't know it was a real place....)
  2. ker2222

    Rifle Scopes does this exist? Fixed 6x w/mil-dot&bdc turrets

    Looked high and low for one of hte old school leupold fixed 6x's with mil-dots and m3 turrets......can't find one Is there any other optic out there that duplicates it??
  3. D

    Maggie’s I found that Unicorns actually exist

    The subject of Unicorns came up today on a morning radio show and I got the link to this. This proves they do exist, but be warned don't be eating when you see this.
  4. coulthard_west

    do they exist?

    do primers even exist anymore? ive searched everywhere and no one is expecting anything for the next 6 months. what can us shooters do?