1. A

    Gunsmithing M-16/Sako extractor extra counterbore in a 700?

    Hello i was wondering if instaling a M-16/Sako style in a remington with a magnum bolt face required a counter bore greater than .705 . Thanks.
  2. ECHO4

    LWRC M6A2. Worth the extra buck?

    I was thinking of getting a black gun. Pondering between Colt 6940 and the M6A2. I'll just be using it for plinking. Is M6A2 worth the extra coin just for that application? Thanks for any insight.
  3. S

    Rifle Scopes Is Monarch Gold worth the extra money?

    Is the Nikon Monarch Gold worth the extra money over the standard Monarch?
  4. fastford

    Wolf Match Extra Ammunition 22 Long Rifle in stock

  5. K

    Savage MK2 Got extra bottom metal or where to buy?

    I have an FV and bought a new boyds stock for it. Now I don't have a trigger guard or magazine surround. I can't find it in stock anywhere either. Any of you guys get a sharpshootersupply stock and have an extra set from your bv or btvs laying around or know where I can get one?