1. StealthOwl

    Optics FS: Kowa Prominar 20-60x Eyepiece and Photo Adapter for 88/77mm Spotters

    World-class fluorite crystal optics. These are for the Kowa Prominar 88mm & 77mm spotting scopes. I can take discreet PP F&F, or USPS MO for payment: 1. Kowa TE-10Z 20-60x zoom eyepiece. Condition is brand new, only taken out of packaging for pics. $375 shipped: ----------------- 2...
  2. StealthOwl

    Optics SOLD: Vortex Razor HD 30x Ranging Eyepiece for 20-60x85 Spotter

    Vortex R/T MOA 30x eyepiece for the 1st gen 85mm Razor HD spotter...These are discontinued and hard to find now. Condition is like-new. Sold----
  3. StealthOwl

    Optics N/A

  4. Smokin

    Rifle Scopes Possible to put a Reticle on a Kowa Eyepiece?

    I know Zeiss makes eyepieces that have reticles for their scopes. I know that the Kowa 821 is probably one of the most popular spotters used in the shooting community. Will any of the optics outfits modify one of the Kowa eyepieces to accommdoate a reticle?
  5. S

    Rifle Scopes Butler creek USO eyepiece

    Anybody know what # eyepiece for a 3.2-17 USO. Lost mine and need to order a new one. Thanks