1. 6mmFan

    Gunsmithing Carbon fiber barrels

    I recently saw an article that addressed a product that may provide a solution to the short barrel life dilemma of the aforementioned (overbore) cartridges. In the January issue of Shooting Times magazine a carbon fiber wrapped barrel was discussed. While the process shaved some weight off the...
  2. Highground

    Rifle Scopes ACOG Fiber Optic Tube

    I've been meaning to ask for awhile.......My ACOG's fiber optic tube has little air bubbles and small "cracks" or striations that run accross the top surface of the tube. Is this normal?
  3. C

    Gunsmithing How 'bout the carbon fiber barrel????

    Anyone out there tried one of these fancy carbon fibers on there sniper or target rifles. Curious to the accuracy results and such????