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    New member here

    Shooter from western South Dakota here. Gun enthusiast and work in the ammunition industry. Looking to learn about precision and get my feet wet in long range shooting. I have a multitude of professional marksman as well as competitors in my area, but understand the benefit of different point of...
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    Fieldcraft Field Forecasting Hosted by Triple Aught Design / San Francisco / July 2014

    Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey, owner and operator of Mountain Weather in Jackson Hole is coming to San Francisco to teach a Field Forecasting course. This is a great opportunity to learn some unique survival forecasting skills from an expert meteorologist that can help you make split second...
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    Fieldcraft Fieldcraft ?

    Your target is setting in a Russian BPM1 an presents his self 2-3 times an hr out of the commanders hatch right behind the 14.5mm auto cannon. You can only see him from the belt buckle up, the armor is setting flat on the ground but at a 35* angle to you. Your LRF is not working correctly, but...