1. 4

    SOLD 308 Ammo 147gr FMJ

    168 rounds of factory Winchester 308 ammunition. 147gr FMJ. 8 unopened boxes, one partial box of 8, and one empty box just to make shipping it easier. Not trying to rip anyone off, my gun did not shoot it well enough so just trying to get my money back out of it. $195 plus $25 for UPS shipping.
  2. roostercogburn98

    Reloading Equipment Found Please Delete

    Looking for some 110g 30 cal bullets. I need round nose, either fmj or soft point works for me. Let me know what you got, thanks.
  3. B

    Surplus 175 FMJ

    Has anyone used any surpluse .308 175 FMJ BT? If so how consistent/in-consistent and accurate is it? Worth pickin up or stick with A-max or SMK. I'll mostly be under 600 but want to take to 1000 thanks,
  4. H

    Remington Bullets 9mm FMJ at Midway

    Hi All, Looks like they just got some in, I just ordered a bunch: Remington Bullets 9mm (355 Diameter) 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Good luck.