1. N

    Accessories WTS Savage SA JP AMCS folding chassis

    For sale Gen 1 JP AMCS chassis for Savage SA 4.40” actions. Ingenuity rail with adapter 15” handguard and folding stock with MPA grip. Has minor scratches on left side and magwell. $550 shipped Zelle or Venmo preferred payment
  2. ShotgunDiesel

    Accessories XLR Stock $210 shipped with bag rider (no screws) last drop

    TR-2 stock- basically brand new, used outside one time. $220 shipped as pictured. I don’t have screws for the bag rider.
  3. Alec Cochran

    SOLD XLR Carbon Smoke Grip and Folding Adapter

    Both items are brand new. I purchased the chassis as a package with these items and removed them before shooting. Carbon Smoke Grip - $140 shipped tyd Folding Stock Adapter - $125 shipped tyd I have not sold on the forum before, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss in more...
  4. Auby13

    SOLD MPA BA Comp Folder for sale

    I have for sale my spare rem 700 inlet mpa ba comp folder chassis. It has the full internal weight kit, pic rail spigot, and diy external weights. Weights are sold pending funds, bare chassis still available. Minor wear marks from competition use, otherwise in good shape. $1100 tyd $950 $850
  5. J

    SOLD MDT LSS XL Gen2 w/ Folding Stock and ARCA Rail

    FOR SALE - $750.00 Shipped OBO - MDT LSS XL Gen2 Chassis (Rem 700 Short Action and Clones) - MDT SRS SHORT - SKELETON RIFLE STOCK SHORT - MDT FOLDING STOCK ADAPTER - MDT M-LOK ARCA RAIL - 10.25" - MDT PISTOL GRIP ELITE - Barreled action, magazine, scope, rings, and tripod not included - Used...
  6. Safety_3rd

    Accessories MDT ACC, folder, mirage shield, internal weights, black

    Got a cert and built this up. Hate to see it go. Only use has been the bipod for the pictures. Don’t want to part out until the chassis sells. And that buyer gets first dibs. 1550 shipped. 1900 is what it costs to build out out after tax. No trades unless it’s high end optics and I will add...
  7. Tritiumdials

    XLR Envy Pro JV + Folder

    Anyone running the latest gen folding adapter for their XLR Envy JV Pro chassis? How is it holding up with long term use? I'm contemplating this chassis to be used in PRS style shooting.
  8. skulldragr17

    Accessories KRG-Whiskey 3 Chassis - Skim Bedded for Impact

    $1,200 shipped (firm). No trades. -KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis - tan -Full length ARCA rail -Spigot mount for ARCA and PIC -Skim bedded for Impact action by Elite Accuracy -Folder Stock -Bag rider
  9. Bolt Thrower

    Accessories WTS XLR Envy Pro Chassis Package - Savage Short Action Inlet

    Used XLR Envy Pro with Upgrades/Accessories - $775 Fully ambidextrous, inlet for a Savage short action. Used but in excellent condition, purchased new from XLR 11/2020. I ran this for about 6 months and it is a great chassis. Only selling it because I am no longer running a Savage action. I...
  10. Sundevilnick

    SOLD MPA BA Light Rem 700 LA Folder Chassis

    Up for sale is a awesome MPA BA Light Chassis Folder Rem 700 LA. Bought this Chassis System for my Rem 700 300 Win Mag. Chassis end up just sitting in my safe and looking to sell it to fund other projects. Great option for a chassis system with folder. MPA is top notch. 695.00
  11. Family Guy

    Folder vs Non-Folder

    The title says it all. For you guys that run folders and non folders AICS, Mcrees, Manners and so on. Do you consider it a necessity or a luxury, and how often (when) do you have it folded ? Just for storage and traveling from house to range or vehicle to range. Do you store folded or...
  12. Y

    Cobray mac 10 folder 300$???

    What do you think? a friend of mine works with a guy who wants to sell a cobray mac-10 9mm with folding stock, he was not sure of barrel length, two 30 round clips he says this was a pre ban gun...300.00 should I buy??