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  1. 03psd

    39.5gr H380 + 52gr Nosler HPBT + 24" VSF = ?? fps

    trying to guestimate my drop in POI from a 100 yard zero in 100 yard increments out to 500 yards. The subject line is my load for my M700 .22-250 VSF Any help?
  2. D

    Range Report 168 BTHP @2670 fps to 1000 yards?

    Will it work? The ballistic program said it will be moving at 1136.5 at 1000 yards, so it should work..... Unless I am missing something.
  3. S

    Results: 110gr V-Max at 3800 fps in 300WM

    I started a thread months back asking this question and was told to try it and find out, so I did and am reporting back though I couldn't find that thread.... I worked up a load for my 300WM using the 110gr V-Max bullet and 83.5gr IMR4831. It is .1 or .2 grains from going into a compressed...
  4. Surgeon_Shooter

    155grn lapua scenar fps top speed?

    Hey guys I'm wanting to try some 155 scenars out of my 5-r .308 because I heard you could get 3100fps out of them and still have a pretty good b.c. Is this true? How fast have y'all got them up to with an accurate load? I have a 24" barrel.