1. Subwrx300

    DIY Mirage Shield

    I was looking for various DIY mirage shield materials for an upcoming FTR match and nearly decided to buy one... However, I found that Vinyl Drywall Bull-nose molding has a great profile for a mirage shield. Can readily be found at Lowes and HomeDepot for $2-$4 per 10' length. I found it on...
  2. 9

    McM A-5 for F(tr) Class?

    Will a McMillan A-5 with thumbwheel cheek and spacer system be OK for F(tr) Class matches? Or will the butt hook and spacer system not work well with a rear bag?
  3. SNAFU_

    Photos My F-TR mouse gun

    Trued 700 with Krieger 1:7.7 28" MTU profile, match chambered for 80 grain Berger or JLK VLD bullets. 42x NightForce on EGW 20MOA base and matched rings. B&C Medalist stock with Karsten cheek. Picture is on the 600 yard range.