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  1. Lowlight

    FYI - Sniper's Hide Survey

    As a heads up to the members here, I have put out a short survey to some of the members on the site via email. it's completely confidential, its only being used internally and your information will not be shared. So, if you receive it, please take the time to fill it out, its only 24...
  2. K

    FYI on sale

    I just found out that rimfire technologies is having a 72 hour sale. The code is 72Hr
  3. bfoosh006

    FYI,Wideners has OFB, LC '06 .308 and '07-'08 5.56

    .308 $179/k or $90/500 5.56 $79/k
  4. Lowlight

    Rifle Scopes FYI - Bushnell FFP Mil Reticle Spotter

    I have one in my hand... Excursion Front Focal Plane, Mil Dot Reticle ED Prime Glass... case, cover, tripod, complete kit. That is all, until its not.
  5. K

    FYI On 15% Discount

    I just noticed on another forum that rimfire technologies is having a 15% off sale for a limited time with a code RFC-2
  6. kombayotch

    FYI: Chargemaster can be re-programmed + New Trick

    http://www.sahuntingrifle.co.za/index.ph...id=8&id=185 Copied from that link: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Improve your RCBS Charegemaster scale 2007/11/07 02:34 Karma: 23 A while ago the friend of mine phoned me regarding his RCBS Chargemaster...