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ga tempest

  1. abn_surfer

    SOLD GAP Tempest 6.5 CM in Grayboe Ridgeback Stock with NF NX8 4-32 Mil-C

    For sale is a “turnkey” precision rifle that will is ready to ship. GA Precision’ Tempest Action is beautiful silky-smooth action that I consider an Accuracy International in a R700 footprint. The action provides: a 3-lug bolt for solid lock up. The bolt itself provides an M16 style extractor...
  2. abn_surfer

    SOLD GA Precision Tempest Barrelled Action in 6.5 CM

    As the title states I have for sale a precision rifle that is built on the venerable GA Precision Tempest action. This fast action utilizes a hanger system that allows the shooter to swap different triggers without much argument, I currently have the Trigger Tech Special two-stage set to...