1. Mag 300

    Gat Guns nothern Illinois has Primers/ powder

    I was at GAT guns today and id your local you can pick up lg rifle cci, large pistol cci, large pistol russian and large rifle Mag primers approx $33- $34 a brick limit is 1 k each style of primer, i.e lg rigle 1K lg pistol 1K per day also has some powder like rl 15, 19, 22
  2. N

    GAP .308 built with a Surgeon action in an MCS GAT

    It took just shy of a year, but I am very happy with the build. I was in Kansas City last year working on a project, and I stopped in to visit the shop, and met George and his crew. A good friend of mine, M.45 here on the 'Hide, has a sweet .308 GAP that I have shot on a few occasions, and...
  3. H

    ordered new manners gat

    i went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new gat thursday fo my fn pbr xp in 300wsm. i also ordered dbm from cdi with 1 5rd and 1 10rd mag in aics. just wish it didn't take 9 t 10 weeks to get my stock but it will be well worth the wait. also, i just recieved my swarovski rangefinders on friday...