1. beenjammin

    Rifle Scopes Laser rangfinders leica geovids or swarovski lrs

    Looking at a new rangefinder. Obviously the geovids look great as well as the swarovski. They have the 8x42, 8x50, 10x42, and 15x56. I would imagine the 15x56 are pretty dang big binos, but cannot find any good reviews on them anywhere. Im thinking the 10x42 might fit the bill, but 15x would be...
  2. CDiPrecision

    Rifle Scopes Leica Geovids.. holy smokes,lol

    I ordered a pair of these this week ,and all I can say is wow..I got the 10z x 42. they are just plain bright and clear.. its amazing.. the RF works good too..:)