1. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    1,500 small rifle Federal Gold Medal Match 205 primers. All same lot. $50 shipped No trades
  2. Sgposin

    Range Report Winchester 6.5 Creedmoor 140Gr SMK

    Just picked up a couple boxes of this stuff. Anyone had any experience with it? Couldn't find anything with the Google engine.
  3. S

    Recipe for federal GMM 175gr

    Anybody ever try to figure out the load recipe for Federal GMM <span style="text-decoration: underline">175gr</span>? My friend has an AI AE that shoots this stuff incredibly accurate. He does not reload yet, but I do, and I was wanting to find a load for him for when he does start reloading...
  4. S


    By and large, GMM is noted for two things- great accuracy and soft brass. Does anyone know of any experiments or have any thoughts if the two are related?
  5. BgBmBoo

    5000 Fed. GMM 210 LR primers.....WOW!!!!

    Talk about a little I am all about making a buck when and where I can...but about you better bring your own lube. Peace,Stan
  6. D

    Range Report Cor-Bon 190gr SMK vs. Federal GMM 175

    Greetings, All. I've had this buzzing around in my head for the past couple of days... Any of you have an opinion regarding the Cor-Bon .308 190gr. SMK ammo, especially versus a benchmark 175SMK like Federal or Black Hills? Does the better BC of the 190 offset its greater weight at longer...
  7. U

    Federal GMM 300 WM brass?? Value

    I have 2 boxes of new, blue and white box. Aboout 12 years old. How much is it worth?
  8. PLeighton

    Federal GMM 719 Status?

    I've been looking for Federal Gold Medal Match 719 or it's bulk equivalent Federal Auto-Match AM22 for a while and haven't seen any in about three months. Does anyone have any news on what's up? I know that ammo is pretty tough to find all around right now, but 22LR??? (Give me a break... ) To...