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  1. Vamike9

    SOLD Bergara HMR Pro 6.5CM Brand New!

    Bergara Pro 6.5 Creedmoor Heavy Barrel model brand new unfired. 24in Bergara Match bbl threaded 5/8×24 Cerekoted Sniper Grey, TriggerTech Primary trigger. Rifle sells for $1600+ most places. I'll take $1350 Shipped
  2. Vamike9

    SOLD Brand New RCBS MatchMaster 6 Dasher FL Bushing Sizing Die

    Brand New RCBS MatchMaster FL Bushing Sizing Die 6mm Dasher $85 Shipped tyd
  3. Vamike9

    SOLD Remington 223 LTR 20in Fluted Heavy BBL

    Remington LTR 20in fluted .820 Heavy bbl with recoil lug included. 1 in 9 twist and loves 75gr Hornady bthp. Less than 200rds through it, very accurate but changed it because I wanted extra weight. $100 shipped tyd
  4. Vamike9

    Firearms Ruger AR556 Pistol

    Like New Ruger AR556 Pistol, Less than 50rds on it. Comes with Magpul M2 30rd Mag. 10.5in bbl I'll take $785 obo shipped to ffl of your choosing. Possible trades- •Nice custom action, •KRG Gen 6 Whiskey3 in Rem700 S/A (black) Partial trades •Bartlein or Hawk Hill Heavy Palma 6mm or 224 bbl...
  5. Vamike9

    SOLD Bergara HMR Pro Stock 700LA

    Brand new Bergara HMR Pro stock with built-in mini-chasis. Fits 700 long actions/magnums and clones. Excellent quality made stock with a lot of features. The only thing I added was a Seekins picatinny rail. If you want it in original configuration with sling studs I'll take $315 or $325 Shipped...
  6. Vamike9

    Reloading Equipment WTB 9mm Resizing Die, Redding/RCBS

    Looking for just the resizing die, either Redding or RCBS, preferably brand new or like new.
  7. Vamike9

    Optics SOLD

    Seekins Precision 34mm scope rings. I believe these are high or extra high. They were used to mount a Razor Gen2 and are in like new condition. They work perfect with 56mm bell objectives and chasis' with handguards. I'll take $105 OBO Shipped First I'll take it gets it!
  8. Vamike9

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans Day! Here's an old pic of my great-uncle who served in WWII. He was a brave man who was injured from an explosion of which he never fully recovered from. He gave his all in defense of his country.
  9. Vamike9

    Rimfire SOLD KRG T1X Chasis FDE (Like New In Box)

    Like New In Box, KRG Bravo FDE Chasis. These can sometimes be hard to find so hopefully this helps someone out. Only put this on my T1X once and kept in the safe. Excellent chasis if looking for one. I'll take $350 Shipped TYD First I'll take it gets it!
  10. Vamike9

    Accessories Magpul PMAG & Aluminum 30rd Mag

    2 Mags PMAG M2 30rd Aluminum 30rd Mag Both new and only taken out of package $20 Shipped tyd May trade for 30 cal ELD 220gr bullets 100ct
  11. Vamike9

    300 Win Mag -VS- 300 PRC

    300 Win Magnum vs 300 PRC I know how I feel, but my question is for you guys. Is the 300 PRC worth changing out your barrel, dies, bullets and ammo?... Since the purpose of the 300 PRC is mainly geared towards long range. How much extra performance can you expect to get at 1500 yds? We all...
  12. Vamike9

    Accessories SOLD Harris BRMS With Pod Loc

    Harris BRMS 6-9 bipod with pod-loc lever in excellent condition. Mainly been in my safe or off a bench the few times it's been out. I'll take $115 Shipped First I'll take it gets it!
  13. Vamike9

    Accessories Magpul Grip 1911 Grips, BlackHawk Cheek Riser & More...

    I'm selling several items that I don't need anymore, all are like new or excellent condition. I prefer to sell together to save shipping, if possible. • Magpul grip (SOLD) • Magpul MOE Black Grips $18 • Picatinny adapter for Harris style sling stud bipods $10 • Vortex Defender 30mm Front Flip...
  14. Vamike9

    Accessories SOLD

    Magpul Bipod, fits picatinny rail. Only been out to the range a few times. Works and looks like new, and has been in my safe for the majority of the time I've owned it. Magpul makes a great bipod. I'll take $90 shipped tyd
  15. Vamike9

    HR4568 Body Armor Ban!

    The left will never stop! since making you and I less safe is their goal, they are determined to do that... https://www.firearmspolicy.org/hr4568-body-armor-ban-2020
  16. Vamike9

    Ruger Precision Rimfire Upgrade-Issue!

    I started my Ruger Precision rimfire upgrade, believe it or not, after I found a really accurate ammo for my factory bbl... I decided that investing $400+ in a Lilja bbl was too much for this build. I went with the ER Shaw, and have some interesting findings to say the least. The ER Shaw match...
  17. N

    Maggie’s Guess the Google