1. mp45acp

    Range Report 190 grainers in my remington 1 in 12 twist barrel

    I am looking at getting more range out of my 26" barrel .308 remington 700. 1000+yards I shoot 168s and 175s now almost exclusively. I like the 175s but want to push the limits a bit more, especially with my long ass barrel. I have been eyeballing the 190 grainers, but was told my 1 in 12...
  2. H

    77 grainers no good for my 1/9 twist?

    I have 500 SMK's in 77 grain .224 I bought for a 1/7 twist Ar I had. I guess there is no point in even trying to load them for my new Rem 5R Mil Spec Rem 700? Any of you guys loaded 77 grainers for a 1/9? Guess I should trade them for something more appropriate.