1. F

    175 grn fgmm clone

    just got 200 new peices of brass and want to make a fgmm 175 clone, but possibly only have 178 amax avialable, oand have rl 15 and varget, need a load suggestion to start. its a 10 twist LW 21" barrel with a match chamber done by hd rifles if that matters. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Down Under Hunter

    50 BMG loading- 750 GRN AMAX OAL ??

    Can anyone suggest good loads they use using the 750 grn Amax and 50 BMG ? What OAL are you using ? Any other hints appreciated. Cheers DUH
  3. G

    60 grn ballistic tip

    Anyone load the 60 grn ballistic tip in .223? Im loading them over 25.5 grains of Win 748 in Swiss GP90 brass with Federal Small rifle primers. Anyone care to take a guess at my velocity out of an 18inch tube? Id like to make a drop chart for prarie dog hunting next week, and my chrony is down.
  4. L

    300 Win mag 208 grn A-Max

    I have a pss700 in 300 win mag and I was wondering, if anyone knows of a factory loading for the 208 A-Max in 300 win. I have the 190 grn federal and blackhills, but I have heard so much about the 208 grn A-Max. I do not reload yet.