1. epmonies

    Accessories WTS: Noveske Unobtanium NSD-N4-11

    Unobtanium time. Have a brand new Noveske NSD-N4-11 handguard. These are no longer in production, nor will they ever be manufactured by Noveske again. $700 OBO
  2. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Brigand Arms Atlas 15” carbon fiber handguard

    Selling my 15” Brigand Arms Atlas carbon fiber handguard. Weighs just 7.1 oz with the barrel nut. This was for an AR build that never happened, so it’s in excellent condition, almost like new. Comes with barrel nut and original box. https://brigandarms.com/product/atlas/ $275 shipped pp f&f or...
  3. O


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  5. O

    Accessories Sig MCX Virtus Handguard

    I have another take off rail from my sig 300 blackout. Only 2 months old. sig mcx virtus 8" M lok handguard. $100 paypal shipped.
  6. O

    Accessories MCX VIRTUS HANDGUARD - 12" WITH SD

    BRAND NEW MCX VIRTUS HANDGUARD - 12" WITH SD. 250 Paypal shipped.
  7. CajunNavy

    Accessories H&K Handguard

    Heckler & Koch H&K MR556/416 CR556 14.7” MRS HKeymod handguard. Purchased and never used. It is in great shape. $100 Shipped.
  8. tumbler


    Brand new, never used or mounted, always thought I'd build a 308 around it but deciding to let it go. It's the rifle length, which I believe is 12 inches (I forgot to measure before I repacked and sealed it up for shipping). $340 shipped/insured. SOLD Discreet PayPal F&F, Zelle, or USPS money...
  9. 4

    Gunsmithing Tikka T3x TAC A1 handguard clamp gap

    I would like to know the measurement of the clamp gap of Tikka T3x TAC A1 handguard when assembled. Could some of you owners of TAC A1 please take the measurement of the clamp gap at the utmost rear of the handguard with a feeler gauge (see photo) and post the value in this thread? I would like...
  10. Dvando20

    Accessories WTB: DPMS LR308 sportical quadrail

    Looking to find an original factory DPMS LR308 Sportical (Ultra high top) 12.5" quad rail hand guard. Can be seen in the discontinued listing on Midway in the picture. Can't find one for sale, let alone a pic of a rifle with one on it. Hope somebody out there has one laying around.
  11. MrSunday

    Accessories SOLD: Noveske NSR 15" Handguard

    FS: Noveske NSR 15 Handguard In excellent condition, No issues. PM if you have any questions. Color Matte Black Finish Black Material Aluminum Length 15 Inches Weight 11.6 Ounce Rail Style KeyMod Gas System Length Up to Extended Rifle Inside Diameter 1.35 Inches...
  12. LongRangeAggie

    Accessories LaRue 13.2" LAT Handguard

    Like new LaRue 13.2" handguard. I bought this and installed it on my AR but my gas block wouldn't fit under it. https://www.larue.com/products/larue-lokpicatinny-handguards/ $120, buyer pays shipping.
  13. Dvando20

    DPMS LR-308B Target model questions

    Just picked up an older DPMS LR308B target high profile upper with the extra high rail. It came with the original tube hand guard. What is out there for quad rails with steel barrel nuts that will allow me to keep the railed gas block? I can't find any that are tall enough to be monolithic. I...
  14. D

    308 Handguards, Let's See Some Pics

    What's up guys. I'm in the middle of an lr-308 build and I'm in the market for a handguard. It would be for a SI Defense receiver set, and a rifle length gas system. Now I hate to point out the elephant in the room but I'm not spending more on the handguard than I am spending on the barrel. I...
  15. HitEmHard

    Handguard heating up

    So I just finished my first AR build, and of course I needed a free float handguard. Its all good right? Well, first time out to the range the other day I noticed the handguard getting hot. Its just a standard aluminum freefloat, no rails. But after only 30-40 rounds, it was unpleasantly warm...
  16. beenjammin

    Gunsmithing how to properly remove a badger handguard

    I am trying to take my badger stabilizer off and replace it with a DD lite rail. after I removed the screws that hold the badger on the triangular barrel guide part. how do i get that triangular part off away from the gas tube and barrel. I am afraid I dont know too muach about these.
  17. B

    GAP AR Handguard question

    What kind of handguard does GAP use on the AR rifles they build. I need a couple of the handguard screws. Anyone know where to get them?
  18. Highground

    Gunsmithing Garand Handguard Removal

    Is there a trick to removing my Garand handguard?
  19. D

    AR-10 barrel / handguard?

    Where is a good place to send my AR-10 upper to have a new handguard and barrel installed? I want something like a Troy handguard, and a good match barrel no longer than 18".