1. Carlos0311B4

    Gunsmithing bedding problems in heat? (SWMP Article)

    Just read an articel on the Ashbury .338. It said that they went with an aluminum stock because "fiberglass stock displayed problems with accuracy after rapid fire strings in high heat conditions. The titanium devcon bedding would start to melt" 1st time I have herd of this happening. Anyone...
  2. S

    Rifle Scopes Heat damage to a scope

    I live in Phoenix and if I let my rifle sit in my car for any length of time the temperature can get up to and past 160 degrees (but it's a dry heat... haha). Anyway, I was looking at a zeiss diavari and the zeiss site showed an operating range up to only 122 degrees. So what does high heat do...
  3. srv656s

    Suppressors Shots go lower as bbl+suppressor heat up... (pics)

    I took my 700P with AAC 762SD to the range today. I'd taken it once before and as I shot, I noticed quite a bit of mirage through the scope and towards the end of some strings of fire, some shots were WAY low. I blamed it mostly on myself, the weather was horridly cold and I got to a point where...