1. 4

    WTB WTB Henry Big Boy Model X

    WTB Henry Big Boy Model X in 357. Just seeing if anyone wants to let one go before I get in line on mikesarmory for one. If you are in the NM area I can sweeten the deal by adding factory 9mm and/or primers for a ftf deal.
  2. L

    Henry .22 rfles

    My kids really want a lever action and I picked up a Henry and thought the action was decent. Has anyone shot one much, any pros/cons on the accuracy and reliability?
  3. Ratbert

    Any Henry aficionados out there?

    I'd like to get a little 22LR Lever action carbine since at this point my 22's are all kind of big and heavy for target shooting or centerfire training of some sort. I'm looking at the Henry large-loop carbine and I think that's right along what I want, but I had a couple of questions for...