hog hunting

  1. BuildingConceptsllc

    Night Vision SOLD: WTS: Sniper Hog Illuminator Kit

    This is the full Sniper Hog Kit. It has rechargeable batteries, charger, extra bulb in housing, push button back cap, and remote switch back end, with remote switch, Mount ring to mount above scope. It's a very good illuminator, especially for the money. I got a Steiner SPIR, so just...
  2. fp120

    Firearms Fightlite SCR 450bm

    For sale today is my 450 Bushmaster AR15. In addition, the Fightlite monicarlo lower will accept any AR15 upper. The gun has had 21 rounds fired through it. The fightlite SCR montecarlo is now discontinued but they still make parts for the pistol version which all parts are the same. This is a...
  3. J

    Optics Trijicon SNIPE-IR $6800 OBO shipped CONUS PRICE DROP!!

    Got this scope in Nov 2019. It is brand new in the case with everything in came with. I have mounted it to a rifle and observed through day scope, but have not fired. I purchased at the same time as a like-minded shooting friend and unlike me, he has the land to test thoroughly for what we...