1. Nickdev47

    Reloading Equipment Sold

    I'm not reloading anymore and am looking to get rid of the following. Most of these have had little to no use because I never got into reloading as much as I thought now that I moved. All prices are shipped. Reloading: RBCS Charge Master Lite ... $200 SPF Lyman case prep Xpress ... $80 SPF...
  2. T

    Anyone Know where to find Hogdon H4895???????????

    I am looking for 1lb or 8lb bottles of Hogdon H4895, I haven't been able to find any for awhile. Also has anyone ever used Hogdon BLC-2 for loading 308 for accuracy? If so what was your experenice and loads, I will be loading SMK 168, and SMK 175's. Thanks for all the help and heads up. PS am...
  3. T

    Hogdon H4895 rifle Powder

    I am trying to find Hogdon H4895 rifle powder for my 308's in the 8lb keg, any heads ups on where would be appreciated thanks.