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  1. B

    Reloading Equipment Hornady Neck Turning Tool

    I have had this for a while only used once, comes with .224, .243, 6.5mm, .308, and .338 mandrels. $155.00 shipped PP( F&F), Zelle, or moneyorder
  2. F

    Accessories Kestrel 5700 4DOF

    Barely used Kestrel 4dof Hornady Ballistics. $400 plus actual shipping.
  3. B

    SOLD 6mm 110gr Hornady A-tips

    800 in total. I have 300 of one lot, 200 of a different lot and 300 of separate lots. $550.00 for them all or $70.00 per 100 Price includes shipping PayPal (F&F) , Zelle, or moneyorder
  4. B

    SOLD 6mm ARC brass made from Hornady 6.5 Grendel

    I have 266 6mm ARC cases formed from 6.5 Grendel once fired Hornady brass. Steps preformed in creation. 1. 6.5 brass was annealed using Annealezz 2. deprimed and resized using Hornady 6mm ARC dies to 1.184" headspace using .350 datum (photo 1 below) NO inside neck button used 3. Tumbled in...
  5. B

    Reloading Equipment 375 Ruger Basic Brass

    Hornady 375 Ruger Basic Brass 99 cases - $95.00 shipped to your door This brass has no headstamp and is designed for wildcat creation. Payment via Paypal (F&F only) or check/Moneyorder
  6. B

    Reloading Equipment Hornady .308 and .338 bullets

    .308 200gr ELD-X - QT 200 - $100.00 shipped .338 225gr GMX - Qt 100 - $100.00 Shipped Payment via paypay (friends&fam only)or check/moneyorder
  7. B

    Reloading Equipment Clean Out (reloading supplies and gear)

    Hornady Case Prep Duo - Like new in box - $45.00 to your door - SOLD 338-06 Redding 2 die set - New never used - $70.00 to your door Hornady 1911 Auto - primer tube filler - like new comes with both large and small primer trays and tubes. - $50.00 to your door Hornady 222 Rem dies - lightly used...
  8. Dustin13

    Accessories Gun room clean out, make me some reasonable offers, want this stuff off my shelf

    Xlr envy pro long night vision mount- $95 Palmetto state armory forend- $100 35mm leupold mark AR IMS 1 price mount BNIB- $300 Buffer and buffer spring- $25 MDT ACC m-lok data card- $40 Spy point link S dark solar trail cam, out of package but never used- $125 Reconyx hyperfire 2 trail cam...
  9. Dustin13

    Accessories Gun room clean out, chassis, rings, game cams, die sets, & misc.

    Xlr envy pro long night vision mount- $100 Palmetto state armory forend- $150 Vortex 35mm medium rings- $100 35mm leupold mark AR IMS 1 price mount BNIB- $375 Outdoorsman Swarovski NL pure tripod mount- $60 Palmetto state armory .224 Valkyrie bolt carrier group- $100 Buffer and buffer...
  10. G

    Reloading Equipment .338 Projectiles Hornady Sierra Berger 285gr 300gr DFW, TX will ship.

    I have two sealed boxes and one partial box of .338 projectiles but nothing that can send them down range. - (Sealed) Hornady 285gr ELD Match 50ct. - (Sealed) Sierra Matchking 300gr HPBT 50ct. - (Partial) Berger Elite Hunter 300gr 25ct remaining. I also have 158pcs of clean 1x and 2x fired...
  11. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Hornady match grade 6 arc dies set

    Selling my hornady 6mm arc die set with micrometer seater, and bushing fl sizing die. Asking $80 sold!
  12. 6.5guys2

    Reloading Equipment WTB Heavy 338 bullets 285 plus

    Looking to buy some heavy 338 bullets 285gr plus plz you can contact me at (931) 310-132five thanks in advance
  13. Daniel Pierce

    Firearms Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC PACKAGE

    Asking $4000 shipped for the package. Price is OBO and I'm not really looking for trades. Text only at 5417307557 please! RIFLE: Ridgeline 6.5 PRC ROUND COUNT: 30 exactly BARREL: 24" 1:8 RH Twist Stainless/Carbon Fiber ACTION: R700 Style and accepts all R700 LA Bases STOCK: Bedded and free...
  14. C

    Firearms 6.5 Grendel AR15 Lightweight Build + Premium Ammo

    Great lightweight 6.5 Grendel AR15 for sale, with or without ammo. Spent over a year piecing this together with premium components. Build list: 16" 6 5 Grendel BSF Carbon Fiber Barrel, 13.5" special order Smoke Composite Handguard, Aero Thunder Ranch slick upper, Ballistic Advantage enhanced...
  15. H

    7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match or Lapua 180gr Scenar-L

    Hi all, did you test the cal 7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match bullets over the Lapua 180gr Scenar-L yet? The Scenar-L shoot well but the ELD-M bullets do have a much higher BC. Also, the Scenar-L bullet overall length vary a lot, because of the bullet tip, which is not unique. Do you have...
  16. S

    Ammo 6.5 Creedmoor Factory Ammo

    I barely shoot my 6.5 anymore and never shoot factory ammo after having developing a hand load for it. So might as well make some room for other stuff. Not interested in trades. Prices don’t include shipping. Must buy a minimum of 2 boxes. Can bundle if interested in all of it. 17x Federal...
  17. AIAW

    SOLD Hornady A-MAX 50 BMG - 750g Bullets

    11 boxes, 20-count each. 220 bullets total. These are not loaded rounds! Only selling as an entire lot. $500 shipped. PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment options.
  18. N

    SOLD 6.5 creedmoor brass

    40 count federal brass, not deprimed or cleaned 50 count Brand new pieces of hornady large primer 45 count Brand new starline large primer 110 count once fired starline, large primer, some deprimed, none cleaned or sized 95 count once fired hornady large primer, some deprimed, none cleaned or...
  19. N

    SOLD Safe/Accessory Cleanout

    1. Scalarworks 1.57 aimpoint mount (T2 is NOT included). SOLD 2. Ergo OD green tac delux, with black plug, SOLD 3. Troy folding sight with tritium dots, tritium is faded. SOLD 4. MARS mag carriers SOLD 5. Factory sig compact frame with safety installed (NO FCU) and factory p320 nitron...
  20. Snaz

    SOLD WTS: 260 small lot once fired brass

    This is all once fired (by me) brass for sale. It's been de-capped and ran through a wet tumbler w/o any media to clean them up a bit. 158 x Hornady LRP Brass 42 x FC SRP Brass =200 pieces $70 DISCREET PayPal F&F or add 3.5% G&S, shipped USPS Flat Rate w/signature confirmation. $135 if you...