1. NHA1988

    Reloading Equipment 45 ACP - Dies - Bullets & Brass

    185gr Hornady HAP - qty. 950 - $130 + Shipping Once Fire Processed Brass (Mixed Head-stamp) - qty. 1,100 - $75 + Shipping Hornady Taper Crimp 3 die set 45 ACP - $20 + Shipping
  2. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Hornady Concentricity Tool For Sale

    For sale Hornady Concentricity Tool: $old I accept PayPal FF and USPS Postal Money Orders. Check my feedback, many happy customers.
  3. aSilk_Suit007

    MK12 Build Post 1,200rds With Parts List.

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my MK12 style build after 1,200rds Parts My MK12 is far from “clone correct”. I wanted the performance of the MK12 first, and the looks second. This build was started in the late part of the pandemic (October 2020). Most clone correct parts were out of stock...
  4. GenericBadGuy

    Reloading Equipment Reloading Stuff, Dies, Riflekuhl, AK, SKS, XDm mags, DAA Muffs, DAA powder die, Lee Load All 20ga, Barrel Vise, Hornady Bullt Feder, Bullets Goodstuff

    For sale a lot of misc. stuff: Prices reduced - already sold stuff listed below pics. 4. New set of 5 DAA Large Rifle Primer Tubes -$15 5. New Dillon Precision 1050 Super .22-250 Conversion kit - $100 9. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies .223 Win Mag - $20 10. RCBS Primer Pocket Swage Tool 2 - $25...
  5. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Hornady AutoCharge Pro New

    For sale a new unused Hornady AutoCharge Pro. Asking $pending I accept PayPal Friends and Family and USPS Money Orders. No trades thank you.
  6. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD 6.5 Creedmoor Lapua and Hornady brass + Large Rifle Primers + 140 HPBT + 140ELDM

    Hello I have for sale more reloading stuff: New Sierra 140 GR HPBT 100ct boxes x4 - sold each New Hornady 140 GR HPBT 500 ct boxes x3 -sold each New Hornady 140 GR ELDM 100 ct boxes x6 - sold each New Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor Large Rifle Brass Cases in 50ct boxes x6- sold New Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor...
  7. The4GunGuy

    Ammo SOLD SOLD SOLD: 147 ELD-Match Bullets For Sale - 970 bullets

    Changing calibers so selling my 6.5mm 147gr ELD-Match bullets. 970 total bullets ALL FROM THE SAME LOT. Selling for $0.38/bullet SHIPPED FOR A total of $370.00. PayPal Friend and Family only please. Only shipping to lower 48 states. Image shows 9 boxes of unopened 100 count, but I'm adding...
  8. The4GunGuy

    Ammo SOLD SOLD SOLD: For Sale: Hornady 6.5mm 135gr A-Tip Bullets (400 qty)

    400 bullets of the same lot for sale. Selling all 400 only. Only to lower 48. $305 shipped.
  9. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Hospital Bill Sale Part 2: Bushings, AK Mags, .45 and .308 bullets, seating stems, comparator set, reloading small stuff

    For sale even more stuff (because the bills keep coming yall): 1. New AK Mags 1 Toth Engineering waffle mag and 2 Tapco 30rnd intrafuse magazines -$45 2. New Hornady LnL Headspace Comparator set -$old 3. New Bushings: Hornady .287, .288, .290 .291 - $60 for the lot 4. New Bushings: Hornady .242...
  10. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Hornady Concentricity Tool, Case Prep Trio, Cam Lock Trimmer, Lyman Case Trimmer

    For sale: 1. New Lyman Brass Case Express Trimmer - sold 2. 3. Camlock Trimmer - sold 4. Concentricity Tool - sold 5. Case Prep Trio - sold I accept PayPal Friends and Family and USPS Money Orders. Prices are pretty firm, not looking for trades at the moment.
  11. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD 6.5 Bullets Hornady 130gr ELDM, Sierra TGK 130GR, Sierra HBPT

    For sale couple more bullets for you manbun folks: 1. 3 Boxes of Sierra 130 grain TGK -$old 2. 3 Boxes of Hornady 130 grain ELDM - $old I accept PayPal Friends and Family and USPS Money Orders. Prices are pretty firm, not looking for trades at the moment.
  12. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Hornady 6.5 140gr BTHP bullets

    Same lot, 2 full boxes, 1 partial of 23 223 bullets total $78 shipped conus
  13. StealthOwl

    Accessories SOLD: Hornady American Gunner 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr BTHP in Cans

    Have (3) unopened 200-rd factory cans I searched and can't find this in stock anywhere online, and most decent 6.5C is upwards of $3/rd, so I'll price this at $2/rd plus actual FedEx shipping cost. 1 can $400 ($2.00/rd) + shipping 2 cans $780 ($1.95/rd) + shipping 3 cans $1150 ($1.92/rd) +...
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Hornady 87 gr V-Max bullets for 243 / 6mm

    Partial box of 42 ct New box of 100 factory seconds $35 shipped conus Paypal f&f or Venmo
  15. E

    SOLD Hornady 6 Creedmoor 1x fired brass

    For sale is Hornady 6 Creedmoor, Large rifle brass. I have 105 pieces of once fired and 150 virgin. All same lot $35 shipped for once fired. Please, post I’ll take it and send me a PM Payment can be PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS MO. Shipping will be by USPS within one business day w/...
  16. slowlearner

    Reloading Equipment WTS 6.5mm 600 bullet total, Hornady, Lapua, Berger

    Looking to sell as one lot, will not split at this time. I had bought up many of these with the intent of building a 6.5 SAUM, but budget has changed. This grouping has 2x 100ct boxes of 143gr Hornady ELD-X’s, 1x 100ct 140gr Hornady Match (Pre ELD-M), 1x 100ct 140gr Hornady A-Max’s 1x 100ct...
  17. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD BULLETS: 6mm / 243 , 30 cal, 7mm - Hornady, Nosler, Speer

    Doing some cleaning- got some projectiles looking for a new home. **Open to splitting up lots** 6mm / 243 Bullets Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr: 64 ct Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr (Lot 2): 63 ct Speer Varmint Hollow Point 75gr: 81 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr: 90 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr (Lot 2)...
  18. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD RCBS Matchmaster and Hornady Match 6.5 Creedmoor Dies for sale

    Up for sale a brand new set of: 1. RCBS Matchmaster 6.5 Creedmoor full length dies -$old 2. Hornady Match 6.5 Creedmoor full length dies - $old Paypal or USPS Money Order accepted
  19. Sniper266

    SOLD White Oak Armament A2 Service Rifle Upper Receiver

    Selling my White Oak Armament National Match A2 Pre-Ban Upper receiver and BCG. This upper has 1/4 MOA pinned rear sight, Hooded rear aperture, .052 front sight, free floating handguards, and the lead weights for the front. The barrel is a Krieger, 1-7 twist, with a 223 Wylde chamber. The...
  20. The4GunGuy


    2 UNOPENED BOXES HORNADY 6.5MM 100GR ELD-MATCH BULLETS QTY:100 EA, 200 TOTAL #26100 .264" SAME LOT # 2192399 Sorry it's so expensive but this is what I paid, not gouging. $105.00 shipped to lower 48 states. PayPal Friend and Family only.