1. R

    Suppressors So how hot does a can get????

    Just wanted to show those of you that don't know how hot a can gets. This is after only 4 mags. We were out testing a new 223/556 can for a full auto 7.5" AR yesterday. Check it out
  2. Grump

    Hot 4064 Load vs. Maybe-Hot Varget Load?

    Advice and comment, please. Which would you go with and why? Am I likely to have longer barrel life with the Varget load? These are with 155 A-Max bullets out of an M1A with a new barrel. Load #1 tests quite accurately, .5 MOA for 4/5 and a called flyer, still under MOA with the flyer and it...
  3. jacq220

    Gunsmithing Hot Caustic Rebuing

    Is there anyone on here who would be willing to answer some pretty specific questions about this for me? I have questions regarding your burners, Ventilation, and design. Mostly ventilation though.
  4. Norwiscutter

    45.5 Gn's varget+168's=too hot for my ar10?

    Like the title says. I have been getting exceptional accuracy with 168 grain Nosler Custom Competitions and A-max's, but with the varget at 45.5 grains, I am worried that I am pounding on my rifle. Any thoughts?
  5. flopduster

    How hot is this load? *UPDATED WITH CHRONY DATA!!*

    I am currently running 47.0 gr of re-15 in lapua brass(sized with a collet die) 155 vld bergers load 2.890 coal with br2 primers. I get a little ejector wipe every 6-7 rounds around 85 degrees. It gets hot here in the summer so I don't know if that will cause more serious problems or not. I...
  6. S

    A hot pair of twins!!

    Just took a pic with the blackberry.. so not all that great to say the least The one with the scope is a .223AI with a PacNor barrel and all work done by PacNor. The ones with out the scope is a 6mm-284... both wear desert camo in McMillan A-5's.... i think there hot