1. TriggerGroupMeasurements.jpg


    Needed measurements for 3D model.
  2. S

    Accuracy Int.Bolt Housing

    Hello Guys, what is the difference between the the Bolt Housing from a AE to the AW Rifle? I read the difference is, that on the Bolt Housing of the AW Rifle are some grooves who make them work on extreme conditions like(mud,sand,snow ...)and thing like that. pics and some explains are...
  3. alien319

    Gunsmithing New McM A4 with SPS-V, trigger housing problem?

    Hey guys, I just received my new McM A4 stock and my new SPS Varmint in .308 win. I am having trouble with the trigger housing fitting into the stock. Is this due to the new X-Mark Pro Trigger? Do I need to file or sand down the trigger housing channel to get it to fit? Please help with this...
  4. pdog1517

    Rifle Scopes Scope adjustment housing bottomed out on rail

    Need some advice. Leupold VXIII LR 6.5x20x40, Leupy 1 pc std base, std low rings all on my 700 VS SF. Within the last 2-3 in lbs of torgue the adjustment housing makes very slight contact with the rail, before that there is 1/32"-1/64" clearance. Is this a bad situation? Do I need to remove a...