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  1. Cody Caddock

    Optics Leupold VX3HD 3.5-10x50 CDS Firedot Twilight Hunter Illum.

    Leupold VX3HD 3.5-10x50 CDS Firedot Twilight Hunter Illuminated 30mm tube. Light signs of use on turrets. Selling since I bought a Burris XTR 3 on the Eurooptic sale and it will be replacing this on my 308. Asking $580 shipped and insured. I have 94 confirmed trades on Reddit GAFS Can accept...
  2. K

    Foundation stocks with large magnums

    Hello all, I’ve recently been turned on to foundation stocks and am currently fighting the urge to convert all my fiberglass stocks over to micarta. My main hunting rifle is a 338 lapua magnum that weighs 8lb 10oz sans scope. It’s currently in a McMillan A5 but am considering dropping it in a...
  3. aroddc3

    SOLD MDT HNT26 w/ Folder and ARCA

    I have a MDT HNT26 w/ Folder and ARCA for a R700 SA. Black color. It's in excellent shape and comes with the original box and accessories (spacers, sling swivel mounts, etc.). Located 35 minutes east of Dallas, TX. Will ship CONUS, but local pickup preferred if possible. $1,200 plus...
  4. N

    Optics Riton 1 Primal 3-9x40 Scope

    Riton 1 Primal 3-9x40 Scope. Second focal plane. RHR duplex reticle. Will come with Leupold R700 scope base and Leupold 1" dovetail scope rings. Like new. See below for most recent price
  5. S

    Hunting & Fishing 6.5 Creedmoor non-lead factory hunting ammo test

    I decided to spend way too much time and money doing a thorough test of non-lead hunting ammunition. Check it out below and let me know what you think. https://open.substack.com/pub/artisanammo/p/65-creedmoor-non-lead-test Short summary: 6.5 Creedmoor tested in a light hunting rifle with...
  6. R

    Anyone used .308 Swiss P 167gr Styx bullets for hunting?

    Bought some of the .308 167gr Swiss P Styx from Raven Rocks Precision. Has anyone loaded or used the factory ammo for hunting before? Can’t seem to find much online of any results on game.
  7. N

    SOLD LaRue C.A.N. Mount with 30mm & 35mm Rings, NF X-Treme Duty 1.0" Height Ultralite Rings

    Getting a few things cleared out of the parts collection: LaRue C.A.N. Mount with 30mm rings SOLD LaRue 35mm replacement rings to be relisted Very good condition. NF X-Treme Duty Ultralite 30mm Rings - 1.0" height. A little finish wear on the bolt heads that mount to the rail. Otherwise...
  8. K

    338 barrel chop for TBAC ultra

    A while back (obviously) I picked up a 338 ultra from TBAC. I asked the rifle builder of my 338 lapua what threads they used and they told me they should be 5/8x24. It made sense to me at the time so I didn’t bother checking (that’s obvi on me). Well, my can got approved and it turns out it is...
  9. T

    Custom action with 3 - position safety?

    I started with a Winchester M70, then moved to an H-S Precision take-down. Now I am looking to build a custom rifle (or purchase a high end factory rifle). Along the way I fell in love with the 3-position safety. Does anyone offer a custom action with a 3 - position safety? Should I avoid it...
  10. TxDerek

    Firearms Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter - 7 Rem Mag w/ Zeiss scope

    Thomson Center Encore Pro Hunter chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum. Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 scope I'm not sure of the twist, it's either an 8 or a 9 twist. Barrel is in great shape. 26" barrel length and a 40" - 41" overall length of the rifle setup. Updated: $900 shipped obo
  11. wyo_lrhs

    SOLD Howa 6mm Creedmoor

    Howa 1500 SA 6mm Creedmoor 26", 1-7.5T, Threaded 1/2-28 B&C M40 Stock Howa Factory BM APA Gen III Little Bastard Gun has roughly 230 rounds on it. I'll have to check my notes to verify but is somewhere close to that. Gun shoots excellent and is in great shape. I've taken a muley buck at 750...
  12. The Angler

    Hunting knives

    What are y’all’s favorite hunting knives? Not for killin’ , but for skinnin’. If you could take one blade to cut up a deer with out on the field, what would you bring?
  13. J


    I need to free up funds and i have a new in box never fired SOLUS HUNTER SHORT ACTION BOLT ACTION RIFLE 6.5 CREEDMOOR $1900 zelle or FTF https://www.brownells.com/guns/rifles/bolt-action-rifles/solus-hunter-short-action-bolt-action-rifle/?sku=430106214#review-and-qa-block This action is super...
  14. Ezana4CE

    Noteworthy Coyote Hunting: Night Crew Teams Up with MFK

    I really admire Chris Robinson’s videography, editing, and narration on the “Night Crew” hunting show. Tory Cook of MFK calls (Made For Killing)has done outstanding research on coyote behavior, life cycles and vocalizations. His calls are next level. From being a champion coyote caller using...
  15. ChrisWay

    What is your wind philosophy?

    There are about as many ways of choosing your wind hold as there are shooters, however I’m really curious about peoples fundamental elements that guide the decision. For example, do you measure speed with a device? Measure angle with a technique? I would call this wind math. Another side is a...
  16. fp120

    SOLD TC Contender 3 barrel set

    On the chopping block today is….. TC contender panther frame Trigger was polished and it breaks around 1.5lbs 3 barrels Calibers: 44mag/44spl, 45-70 ported, 223 Pachmyer grip/forend High planes grip/forend One original box for the 44mag Ultra dot red dot Asking: $1,700 shipped for everything...
  17. Gtscotty

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD AMG-5 6-24x50 MRAD w/ ARC M10 rings

    For sale is my Vortex Razor HD AMG-5 6-24x50mm with the EBR-7B MRAD reticle. I'm the first owner and this scope has lived a pretty easy life, the lenses look good and everything works and tracks as it should. Included are the accessories and box shown, along with ARC M10 high rings. I don't...
  18. FlintWeaponSystems

    Firearms 6.5 prc back country rifle for sale

    Spring is here. Getting a rifle ready for the fall is as easy as it gets with this precision packing weight rifle. The pinnacle of accuracy without cutting corners. Brand new Falkor mt7 action. accepts hawkins direct mount rings (deviance s/a) Triggertech special Preferred lapped 22" carbon...
  19. FlintWeaponSystems

    Firearms New 6.5 creed backcountry rifle for sale.

    One of our best selling combinations to date have been these carbon magnesium folding rifles. Light enough to be packed anywhere but without those pesky pencil profile barrels that start poi shift after 2 rnds. Great nrl hunter rifle or all around hunting gun. With the 6.5 creedmoor loaded with...
  20. Z06pilot

    SOLD Vortex Razor LHT 3-15x42 SFP HSR-5i

    Vortex razor LHT 3-15x42 SFP HSR-5i Perfect hunting scope Weighs 19 oz Comes with rings and level $1000 TYD Excellent condition