1. AF_TT

    Night Vision NVISION NOX 35 Thermal

    Got several irons in the fire so I am looking to consolidate my tools and collection. So up for consideration is this new NVISION NOX 35, these are BAE core units and have manual focus. Performance is AWESOME! Asking $6750 shipped, located outside of Kansas City. Trades: Optics Range finding...
  2. Oryx_Official

    Oryx (by MDT) New Brand Manager

    Hey everyone, My name is Corbin and I'm the new brand manager for Oryx. Going forward we're going to be developing Oryx as the gateway brand to get into precision shooting. I'll be using this account to help provide information on our current products and anything upcoming we have in the works...
  3. JohnJameson

    NC Hunting - Hog and Coyote

    Looking to start hunting hog and coyote. Does anyone know of land that is free or recommended to hunt on for hog and coyote? Anyone have other recommendation for a novice?
  4. Mormsby

    Optics Kahles KX 3.5-10x50 4D reticle

    Kahles KX 3.5-10x50. Like new with box, docs, and everything the scope originally came with. Looking to trade for a Leupold VX5 3-15x44, VX6 3-18x44, mark5 3.6-18x44, Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42, nightforce angled spotter, meopta angled spotter, swaro angled spotter, Leupold SX5 angled spotter...
  5. Dale264

    Hunting & Fishing 2021 Prairie Grouse

    With September fast approaching, is anyone planning a trip to the northern Great plains for an early season sharptail or prairie chicken hunt? We made the trip to SD last year and did some varmint shooting in the afternoon heat after the bird dog was all wore out.
  6. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD SPF Berger VLD 6mm 105 gr Hunting

    Have a partial box of 78 I don’t need. $40 shipped
  7. Dr. Davy Jones

    Mlok covers for XLR chassis? (Hunting)

    Hi all, hoping to hear from people who hunt with their XLR chassis in the cold and are more ingenious than me. I’ve got an Element Gen 2 (with mlok slots) that I love but I had an issue last year with the fore-end freezing to my pant leg while sitting (lol welcome to Maine). I currently have...
  8. K

    Suppressors - any good alternates to TBAC?

    So I am finally set on getting my first can. There are 2 main reasons. 1) my first (of 4) kids is on the small side. He accepts recoil, and even got his first elk last year at 10 years 3 months old. But it is hard to practice for to long with anything bigger than a 223 for him. Even the 6.5CM...
  9. F

    Anyone want to put in free Arizona Buffalo Hunt you have 2hrs 15min

    This is legit: Preliminary applications are open until midnight tonight Arizona time. Note Arizona uses MST and does not observe daylights saving time bs etc. This app take about 30 seconds to complete and it is for a Federal culling of wild buffalo here in...
  10. roosterpig

    Ammo WTB Winchester SuperX .308 150gr

    Anyone have a stockpile of the cheap Winchester 150gr SuperX rounds in 308? Soft points. New scope coming for hunting rifle on Monday and uh... stuff is hard to come by nowadays... Sighting in will be tough without any pro-jek-tiles. Remington core lokt works too. Any help appreciated...
  11. aroddc3

    300 PRC Rifle

    Hi Everyone, I am looking into building a 300 PRC that can be light enough to take on a hunt (not a lot of hiking, just setup somewhere and glass) but that I can make heavy enough to shoot at the range. I am pretty set on getting an XLR chassis. I'm aware I can swap out the stock and barrel...

    MDT introduces the HNT26! A 26 Ounce Carbon Fiber Hunting Chassis.

    Check out the website for more details: -Kyle
  13. aroddc3

    Optics (Used) Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 L-4a (55200)

    Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56. 2nd Focal Plane. INCREDIBLE GLASS. Great for target shooting or hunting. 30MM tube. Big eyebox, tons of light gathering. Open to offers. Non-illuminated. Mil-based. No scope marks, perfect shape. Comes with box and all accessories. $1,300 shipped. Insurance is...
  14. aroddc3

    Optics Leupold VX-5HD FireDot Illum. 172368 (Used)

    Model # 172368. Duplex reticle with FireDot Illum. FireDot is AWESOME. 3-15x44, 30mm tube. 2nd Focal Plane. No visible scope marks. Rings not included. Custom turret not used, still can be redeemed with Leupold. Original box and items included. $800 shipped. Please let me know if you...
  15. aroddc3

    Optics Leica Trinovid 10x42 HD Binoculars (Used)

    Have the original box and all accessories that came with it. Maven case included as well. Awesome binos. $750 shipped with USPS flat-rate box. Insurance would be extra. Let me know of any questions - thanks!
  16. aroddc3

    Firearms Ruger 77/17 17wsm Used

    For sale is a Ruger 77/17 chambered in 17 wsm. 18.5" barrel. Has ~450 rounds through it. Very accurate, great for varmint. Barrel is not threaded. This is about 2-3 years old, made before they came threaded standard. Silver finish is a little nicked up, but it's been used for hunting. Also...
  17. Lupercal

    New zcomp MPCT2 or MPCT3

    Need a bit of advice from anyone who has experience with the Zcomp 5-27, I have one on order and need to decide between the MPCT2 or MPCT3. It will be primarily used for long range hunting with some target mixed in. Best ret for this purpose? (I am leaning towards the mpct3)
  18. U

    Rifle Scopes Long range/Hunting scope help

    Hello everyone, I was fortunate enough to win a Tikka T3X Lite Veil Alpine in 6.5 creedmoor (24") in a raffle the other day and am looking at scopes for it. I want to get into long range shooting with it (which for me means up to 1600 yards), but will also be using it for hunting. I am looking...
  19. 2ndlegend

    Looking for some caliber ideas.

    Hey guys, I am looking for some suggestions on a new caliber for a rifle I am going to put together. I currently have a KRG stock (Remington LA), which I absolutely love and am planning on using for the project. I also have an older Remington 700 barreled action in 30-06, which I really would...
  20. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Hand cannon. S&W 460 xvr performance center

    7.5 compensated barrel Original owner Fired a few times, shot some pigs, Makes it to the range occasionally Probably has 100 rounds through it Has the bag, box and everything it came with Asking 1300 Trades: Long action lapua bolt actions Manners long action stocks (nude carbon elite is ideal)...