1. K

    Help identifying .270 win rifle

    Hello all, I recently acquired this .270 win rifle, and am having trouble figuring out what make/model it is. The bolt style looks similar to some FN Mauser to me, but I can't find an exact match through Google. Anyone have any guesses? There are only a few markings/numbers on it. "Mark II"...
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes Need Help Identifying An Odd Looking Scope Mount

    Heavy cast iron. Standard Redfield system for rings. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what it goes to. Thanks for any help.
  3. rweldon

    700P identifying marks

    Does any 700P rifle have identifying marks on the receiver or barrel anywhere that say 700P or Police? Is the only thing to distinguish a 700P form a SPS varmit w/ 26" barrels just the different stocks?
  4. garrett

    Help identifying rifle and parts?

    So Turk posted his rifle in the picture gallery a while ago and I stumbled across it today, this is basically the build I have been wanting to make with a few differences. I was wondering though if anyone can ID the...
  5. dreamdrummr

    Need help identifying this ammo please....

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine gave me 350 rounds of .308 ammo and I was wondering if anyone can help me identify it. It has a NATO mark, 69, and looks like IVI. Can anyone tell me if this is corrosive, reloadable, etc. Is there a website you can go to that would have more info on brass? Any...