1. PrismSync

    Christensen Arms MPR - Is it a bad choice for the first Bolt Action Rifle?

    Hi Hiders, this is my first forum post regarding the first rifle I'm getting, a Christensen Arms MPR. It's got a 22'' 1:8 steel barrel, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I'd readily admit I have not conducted enough research before buying it, but now it has arrived at the dealer and I'm undergoing a...
  2. C

    Kraft Data part 2 (stress number)

    Hey guys! For those of you shooting the diamond Kraft drill, here’s the second part of the data collection project that will contribute to the numbers presented on RifleKraft later this week. if you have a hard time with the aim point on the diamond just use a colored marker and fill in the...
  3. j-huskey

    Advanced Marksmanship HOME IMPROVEMENT SHOOTING, PART 1.

    A general statement for beginning shooters (or competitors): Maybe we call this Step 1? Find and read all you can about what you think you want to do. Find a person that shoots who will answer your questions and ask the questions you have from your pre-reading and reading. It helps to...