1. V


    Mk13 DRMO FDE 2.0 AICS Long Action with Badger Ordnance IMUNS. shipped UPS insured. CONUS shipping only. Not interested in trades PayPal F&F or you pay fees. Trigger well as been opened for aftermarket trigger. Recoil lug unmolested. Skins show normal wear and tear for issued rifle. Includes...
  2. ilikebmxbikes

    Accessories Badger Ord IMUNS 20 MOA- MK13 MOD 5 - $220 shipped NEW

    I am selling a few new in package MK13 MOD 5 Contract IMUNS 20 Moa Rails. These have the military finish on the top caps and are 'M' Marked. They are in new package and include all hardware and instructions. While intended for Stiller Mk13 mod 5's, these work on any Accuracy International...
  3. MountainRogue

    Gunsmithing Badger IMUNS

    I recently installed a Badger IMUNS on a GAP 300wm AICS. Upon following the instructions (which have over 3 errors) I was able to fit the IMUNS on the front of the AICS. I found the right side of my barrel touching the IMUNS and the left side with a couple milimeters of space. Bascially, it was...