1. S

    Velocity increase.. Why??

    My Lawton 260 chronoed 2815 fps on a 70 degree day using 47.8 gr of h4831sc and 139 gr lapua scenars. load shoots great. was trying some 140 gr a-max and h4350 the other day through a chrono. velocity was 2825. Decided to shoot the lapua load as a referrence. To my surprise velocity had...
  2. JGrelle

    Large Brass price increase for 1x fired USGI

    An unfortunate side effect recent DRMO/ Brass Shit Storm is a rather large increase in the price of once fired mil brass. It has gotten high enough to be in the same price range as new Win Brass or once fired match Brass. Went up aprox $30/Thou for 1x .308 since the recent DRMO/ Brass Shit...