1. B

    Rifle Scopes trouble installing my zeiss sunshade

    hi all, lurker needs a tip to get the factory ring out of the scope so I can install the sunshade. That dang bevel ring is in there really tight. I don't want to break anything, thought I'd see if you guys had some insite into the situation. it's a 4.5-14x44 conquest Thanks.
  2. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Installing seekins base

    is there a proper way to do this? or just simply screw it in? (ETA: looking for best results)
  3. A

    Rifle Scopes Installing a new scope

    What is the best way to sight in a new scope. Laser bore, exc. I confused because I am using a mil dot scope so it should be at zero. I I am new to this so this is my first post so go easy on the FNG. I also tried the serch but came up with nada. Thanks