1. K

    Maggie’s Irish whiskey

    Here I am 67 years old, and just this week tasted Irish whiskey for the first time. Jamesons, it was. Well I am a scotch drinker. GlenLivet 12 or 18 yr old. No more. That Irish whiskey is just the very best whiskey that has ever tantalized my palate. Shmoove.... Well, I guess I will drink...
  2. malaga2

    Maggie’s Irish Humor

    HOW TO WAVE A TOWEL Some years ago, Paddy married an attractive woman, Maggie, half his age, in a small coastal Irish community. After several months, Maggie complained that she had never climaxed during sex and according to her Grandmother all Irish women are entitled to a climax once in a...
  3. F

    Maggie’s Two Guys in An Irish Pub

    > > > > Shamus and Murphy fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of money > > between them, > > they could only raise the staggering sum of one Euro. > > > > Murphy said "hang on, I have an idea." > > > > He went next door to the butcher's shop and came out with one large > >...
  4. cperkins

    Photos Luck of the Irish

    Happy little leprechaun