1. S

    SOLD WTS: KAC 16" SR15 Mod 2 Upper with PRI Gas Buster SOLD

    I accept payment via PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle. KAC 16" Mod2 SR15 Upper About 200 rounds total with about 150 suppressed. FCD muzzle device installed by D. Wilson Mfg. Super smooth shooter with a Vltor A5 receiver extension and buffer. Painted with Rustoleum camo, but otherwise in...
  2. K

    Firearms KAC E3.2 BCG and firing pin

    New KAC E3.2 BCG and firing pin looking to trade it for one of the older kac e3 bcgs with the chrome firing pin plus a little cash. Only looking for a new one that also has the dimpled carrier.
  3. K

    Optics KAC Iron sights and CH

    These came off a new kac sr15. KAC iron sight set and kac non ambi charging handle. $250 shipped for both
  4. S

    Firearms “Mock 12” AR Build

    Built this rifle because I was infatuated with the Mk12 mod 1 but I'm not a cloner nor do I care about being "clone correct" and just wanted to smoke some coyotes with it but it just sits and never gets used and I want to build a 33xc and send 300gr bergers at 3150fps. Rifle has under 150rds...
  5. K

    Firearms KAC sr15 14.5 upper

    less than 150 rounds fired on this KAC sr15 14.5 upper. It was sent to Retro arms for it to be pinned and welded so its 16.1 OAL. About a month old. It comes with the complete upper, radian charging handle, KAC HH Buffer, rail covers and the box. The iron sights and KAC charging handle are gone...
  6. K

    Firearms KAC SR15 14.5 upper

    SR15 14.5 upper with 100 rounds down the pipe. It was P&W by retro arms. Irons are already sold so it will come with everything minus the irons. This was bought from brownwells in June. Includes the HH buffer and a radian charging handle for $1800 paypal shipped. Pic is for attention, I can send...
  7. TheOE800

    SOLD KAC SR-15 Mod 2 Carbine 14.5” upper receiver kit

    SOLD For sale is a like new condition Knight’s Armament 14.5” SR-15 CQB Mod 2 MLOK upper receiver kit. This was purchased early this year and outfitted with MLOK accessories then stored in my safe. No rounds fired since it wasn’t my primary though the upper was oiled, racked, and dry fired...
  8. TheOE800

    SOLD KAC SR-15 CQB Mod2 11.5” Upper receiver kit

    SOLD For sale is an excellent condition Knight’s Armament 11.5” SR-15 CQB Mod 2 MLOK upper receiver kit. This was purchased last year, outfitted with accessories, then stored in my safe. No rounds fired since it wasn’t my primary though the upper was oiled, racked, and dry fired so it shows...
  9. E

    SOLD LMT Quad MRP Upper

    13.25" MRP Upper 16" SS 16" CL Enhanced bolt, enhanced carrier, enhanced firing pin Badger G3 Charging handle all for 2400 shipped
  10. S

    SOLD WTS: KAC SR-25 ACC Upper receiver with 3/4x24 Deadair Brake

    I accept PayPal G&S + Fees, F&F, or Venmo. No notes in PayPal. Only trades I am interested in at this time would be a partial trade for ~300rds of Black Hills Mk262 or Mk318 Mod 1 + cash Took last listing down because the lower has been sold. This listing is for the upper only. KAC 16" SR-25...
  11. C

    SOLD WTT FN Scar 20s for KAC, LMT, Scar 17

    Want to trade my like-new FN Scar 20s 7.62/308 for a KAC/Knights Armament SR-15 Mod 2 14.5" preferably with a URX 3.1 rail. Will also consider a LMT or modded Scar 17 NRCH. The Scar only has 30 rounds fired, has the MK20 contract 1:12 twist barrel and 3-prong flash hider. Reciprocating charging...
  12. C

    SOLD WTT Sig MCX Virtus Patrol & 6.75" 300 Blackout tacops barrel for LMT, KAC, NVG

    Want to trade out my lightly used Sig MCX Virtus Patrol in factory configuration with 16" 5.56 barrel, approx 600 rounds fired with no issues. Including a new, unfired 6.75" 300 blackout barrel, the same as used in the tacops variant. The extra barrel has the piston assembly, extra 5.56/300blk...
  13. Curahee19

    Firearms WTB sr-30 lower and sr15 mod 2 18 inch barrel

    Like the title says looking for both sr-30 lower And a sr-15 upper. Let me know what you have
  14. PizzaBox

    Anyone in Phoenix, Az with a KAC SR25 barrel nut wrench I can barrow?

    Trying to finish up a rifle and I can not find the tool online anywhere. Just need it to torque a barrel nut. can do a deposit if someone is willing to ship it to me.
  15. freedom71

    SOLD New KAC SR-15 Complete Ambi Lower

    SOLD!! Knights Armament SR-15 complete lower. I recently purchased a new SR-15 rifle and am keeping the 16" upper. This is the brand new, never fired, complete ambi lower from that rifle. All original parts. Price: $1425 shipped. Must be shipped to an FFL. All laws apply.
  16. Dvando20

    Rifle Scopes KAC M110 Mount. Real or Fake?

    PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST! Need thoughts! I purchased a brand new Knights Armament M110 one piece 30mm scope mount for my AR10. I bought it from Kosher Surplus. It came brand new in the Knights box. Today I was finally mounting up my scope, and using the KAC directions to a T, the first screw head...
  17. E

    Firearms lmt mlc 10.5 upper

    Brand new unfired. Fitment tabs have not been filed. BCG was purchased new by me but was test fired by lmt. 890 for upper 400 for the barrel 300 for the bcg 89
  18. C

    Firearms WTB or WTT for KAC SR25 ECC or Delta

    Looking to purchase a Knights Armament SR25 ECC or Delta. If your looking for a trade and some cash, we can also entertain that. Lots of options for trade, including FN, Valmet, HK to name a few. If you have an ECC and are interested in a discussing a deal, reach out to me.
  19. BigCountree

    Firearms Knights Armament SR-15 Mod 2 Upper KAC

    NIB 16” Mod 2 upper receiver. Comes with everything from the factory. $2200 shipped.
  20. 48dmp48

    WTB KAC SR25 Upper 20in barrel

    As the tile states. Looking for a complete KAC large frame upper. Chambered in 7.62, preferably 18-20in barrel. Thank you in advance.