1. ohiocop_aht

    Firearms MK12 Mod 1

    - MK12 Mod 1 complete Colt upper (HCS) with Colt BCG - LMT Defender A5 lower w/20rd mag - Leupold Mark 4 LRT 3.5-10x40 illuminated TMR (custom bdc elevation turret for MK262 Mod1) - Arms #22 High 30mm rings - Harris bipod BRM-S - KAC bipod adapter - KAC 99051 front sight - KAC 98474 rear sight -...
  2. eddy

    Gunsmithing Knight's Armament URX RAS

    I have seen that the Knight's Armament URX RAS will only fit on a DPMS and not an Armalite? Is there a way to do some work to get it to fit on an Armalite or is it completely out of the question? What is it on the rail system that makes it incompatable with an Armalite platform?
  3. Mag 300

    is Knight selling the M110 sass to the public?

    Just wondering if one of these could ever be purchased? Bill